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Published Date:01-08-2017
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wishpond EBOOK The Ul TimaTe GUide T o GooGle+ markeTinG wishpond.comwishpond soCial marketing suite ... is the easiest way to run great marketing campaigns on every channel: Facebook pages t witter pinterest websites mobile l ocal l earn about The Suite Book a Personal Consultationwishpond EBOOK It’s almost been two full years since Google+’s official launch, and many people still don’t see the benefit of it over Facebook. Many of us have already invested so much into our personal Facebook network, much less our business Facebook pages - so starting all over from square one may sound incredibly unappealing. After all, Google+ is nothing more than a watered down clone of Facebook that no one uses, right? Not quite. Why Google+ is Worth your Time Google+ is loaded with intuitive and innovative features that are unmatched on Facebook or any other social media network. It’s true that Google’s user-base seems a lot less engaged than on other websites, the infrastructure and groundwork of features like Circles, Hangouts, and others more than make up for its deficiencies. Google+ also boasts incredibly powerful search engine optimization benefits for any businesses or content creators that use its network. If Google+ just seems too empty for your business to consider, isn’t this the prime time to join before your competitors can entrench themselves in your market? The Google+ Demographic This infographic provided by provides some great information about the demographic snapshot of Google+ as of February 2012. The full infographic can be found here. The Ultimate Guide to Google+ Marketing I 5wishpond EBOOK The Ultimate Guide to Google+ Marketing I 6wishpond EBOOK Another infographic by Pardot looks at many different comparisons between Facebook and Google Plus. We’ve cut out the relevant demographic information for you below. The full infographic can be found here. ↓google+ ↓FaCebook Facebook versus Google+ Which social media site is better? To be honest, any business looking to have a digital presence should be using both of these networks, but it’s still a good idea to look at the strengths and weaknesses of each. The Ultimate Guide to Google+ Marketing I 7wishpond EBOOK the beneFits oF Fa Cebook stronger r each Capabilities Google+ is rising in terms of its number of users, and is now the world’s second largest social media network. However, it still pales in comparison to Facebook in terms of total users and user interaction. Facebook has just been around for longer and has cemented a large number of users into its network. better apps Similarly, Facebook has a staggering amount of third-party apps, with many of them (like Zynga) becoming multi-million dollar companies just off of app sales. Since Facebook has been around for much longer, it has given them a leading edge on the diverse number (and quality) of apps. more effective promotions Note that this talks about promotions on the actual site itself. Facebook allows for very easy creation of business promotions like sweepstakes, photo contests, and so on. In fact, Wishpond has an incredible suite of tools and analytics to get you started on any Facebook or Twitter promotions your company may be interested in. Google+, on the other hand, still does not allow contests on brand and business pages. The Ultimate Guide to Google+ Marketing I 8wishpond EBOOK the beneFits oF google+ pinpoint t argeting Capabilities Google+ Circles allows companies to isolate and separately target different followers based on their interests. By having clear-cut categorizations, this makes the targeting and distribution of information and promotional materials to market segments incredibly easy. Complex analytics With Google+ Ripples and the ability to use Google Analytics on Brand Pages, Google+ has pulled ahead of Facebook in terms of analytics. search engine optimization Since Google owns Google+ (obviously), anything shared through Google+ will be much more optimized in search rankings. The +1 feature is also known to carry more weight than Facebook’s “Like” button when it comes to determining popular and trustworthy content. The Ultimate Guide to Google+ Marketing I 9BUSineSS Pa GeS - ChapTEr 2 The Fa Ce oF o y Ur BUSineSSwishpond EBOOK How to Create your Google+ Business Page from Scratch 1. Create your Google account at if you have not done so already. This will be your Google account for business, not personal use. 2. Go to the Google+ website and log in with your Google Account. 3. From here, on the left side of the screen, highlight the “More” button, and click the “Pages” button. 4. From here, you can choose the category that best fits your organization. The five categories are as follows: a) Local Business or Place b) Product or Brand c) Company, Organization, or Institution d) Art, Entertainment, and Sports e) Other 5. Once you have chosen a category, you have to specify in a little more detail what your business does using a drop- down menu. Make your selection and continue. The next few steps involves customizing the look and feel of your Google+ Business page. The Ultimate Guide to Google+ Marketing I 11wishpond EBOOK Note that this is not the official Wishpond Google Plus Page That can be found here. 1. Add your profile photo and your tagline (ten words that describe your page). a) When adding a cover photo, the maximum size is 940 x 180. Make sure to choose a strong image that suits your company or your products b) Important: Make sure you don’t have anything important on the right side of your cover photo because your profile photo will block that area 2. Click the Profile icon at the top and go to the About tab. From there, click Edit Profile. 3. Fill this in with as much relevant information about your business as you can. Contact information, blog pages, and some keywords related to your industry are excellent choices The Ultimate Guide to Google+ Marketing I 12wishpond EBOOK 4. Choose five photos that best represent your company for the photostrip by clicking on each individual photo area and uploading. 5. Be sure to add some activity like status updates and photos to your wall so it does not appear so empty. 6. Share your new page to your contacts The Ultimate Guide to Google+ Marketing I 13wishpond EBOOK Effectively using your Google Plus Business Page Merely having a nice-looking business page usually isn’t enough to attract followers, so further engagement is necessary. Here are some general tips to increase the effectiveness of your page. double Check your profile is Complete Nothing looks worse than a lazily completed profile with missing information. Ensure that your brand page has all the required fields completed to project a clean, professional image. upload professional images for your Cover and profile photos There is no excuse not to properly use the cover and profile photo to your advantage by choosing a powerful image that makes an impression. The profile photo is similarly important, as others can see this when you +1 content or comment on posts, so make sure to choose your best photo. keep a r egular posting schedule Keep your page fresh by continuously adding new content for your followers. Blog posts that compliment your brand, as well as other interesting articles will continue to increase your company’s SEO ranking, as well as bring new followers to your site. It is a good decision to use Google Plus Analytics to gauge the effectiveness of all your posts and determine which topics are big hitters among your followers. keep on t op of Content with more managers Having multiple managers is an excellent way to keep on top of content (see above), especially if there are many different followers and communities to keep track of. hashtag your t opics to r emain r elevant Like many other social media networks such as Tumblr, Instagram, and Twitter - hashtagging (that is, adding a before The Ultimate Guide to Google+ Marketing I 14wishpond EBOOK keywords) is a great way to attract users who are searching for a particular topic. what should i talk about? Any topic that is relevant to your company and interesting is a good place to start. Promotional campaigns, new products, and even news events can be used as a springboard for discussion and engagement. Here are some different types of content and examples on how to properly use them: t ext posts Text Posts are mostly used for short, to-the-point information. Updates to previous posts, as well as quick calls to action are great ways to encourage discussion. Staples occasionally uses text-only posts in a short call-to-action that directly engages their audience. photo posts Photos can be used in combination with text posts as a way to grab your followers’ attention. Make sure the picture stands out against the rest of the page and is relevant to the text post at hand. Burger King uses photos to help spread the word about one of their social media promotions, as can be seen below. The Ultimate Guide to Google+ Marketing I 15wishpond EBOOK Videos Google+ is a great way to propagate promotional videos or commercials that relate to your business. However, try to keep them short and to the point. League of Legends, a popular online video game, uses videos on Google+ to highlight new and upcoming content for their fans. . The Ultimate Guide to Google+ Marketing I 16wishpond EBOOK how do i inCrease engagement on my p age? An article on Social Media Examiner looked at three of the most popular business and brand pages on Google Plus (Android, NASA, and Funny Pictures and Videos, respectively) and established some key insights that led to increased engagement. NASA posts incredibly frequently about relevant information in a variety of media formats. 1. Use a wide variety of different media to engage your audience. This helps your page stay unique. 2. Understand what your audience wants and customize your content to please them. Content they like is much more The Ultimate Guide to Google+ Marketing I 17wishpond EBOOK likely to be shared 3. Posts based on recent news content. Posting time-sensitive content that is both interesting and relevant to your business will encourage discussion from your followers. 4. Although direct contests and sweepstakes cannot be done through Google Plus, posting information on promotions and deals can still be very effective. 5. Ensure any call to actions on your page are visible to increase campaign success. VeriFying your business p age Verification is very important in setting up your Google+ Business Page as it means you are the official creator of that page. This boosts your authenticity to Google, increasing your site in it’s search rankings and in the future. Verification also allows your business page to get a business badge, which allows people to both +1 your site and join your circles in one click. Furthermore, verification means that your Google+ Business Page may get it’s very own custom URL. A custom URL (or vanity URL) condenses your profile URL into something readable and easily remembered. For example, this is what a normal Google+ URL looks like: This is our official Wishpond Google+ Page. Check it out And this is the Google+ URL for a celebrity, specifically Hugh Jackman: Unfortunately, we’re not as popular as Hugh Jackman...yet. At the moment, not everyone can get their Google+ Vanity URL. Google is still slowly rolling out these special custom URLs in waves, so it is currently unclear as to when regular businesses can get them. The Ultimate Guide to Google+ Marketing I 18GooGle+ CirCleS- ChapTEr 3 a PreCiSe TarGeTinG Toolwishpond EBOOK Definition and Setup Google+ lets you organize the people you follow into specific groups, or “Circles”. You can then have specifically communicate with different circles based on what you want them to see. Of course, you also receive information from other members from your circles, and you have the ability to control the flow of information for each separate circle. The default look of your Circles Using Circles is also very easy. If you are on a personal account, just drag the name of a contact into one of your circles, and they automatically become a part of your circle. They are not aware that you have been added to a circle, and the process is instant. For companies and business pages, you are not allowed to add followers to your circles unless they add you first. This heightens the importance of converting visitors into followers so that they can be added to your circles for potential future business prospects. Practical Use While it may initially seem like a limitation that followers cannot see which circle they have been added to (for a silly example, a customer might be ecstatic when he sees that he is visibly moved from the “customers” circle to the “valued customer” circle, even though they mean the same thing), this is not the purpose of Circles. The Ultimate Guide to Google+ Marketing I 20wishpond EBOOK t arget market segmentation Circles can be used to distinguish between heavy product users, users that recently switched from a competitor, or users at risk of leaving, as an example. Since these are very different customer groups, businesses may wish to send messages or information to different Circles. This is one of the strongest advantages Google+ has over Facebook in that messages can be selectively distributed. hiring and r ecruitment Similarly, followers who have identified themselves as potential recruits can be separated away from the rest of the flock and given information regarding info sessions, new job listings, and so on. internal information distribution For companies with enough of their members online and a part of Google+, they can use the network as infrastructure. A CEO can choose to send a memo to his entire company, only to executives, or perhaps only for the janitors. Of course, traditional email provides the same benefit, but this provides an alternate channel for distributing information that avoids the clutter of other emails. The Ultimate Guide to Google+ Marketing I 21GooGle+ ChapTEr 4 CommUniTieS - rea ChinG oUT

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