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Published Date:08-07-2017
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Company presentation Avanzadagen May 27, 2014Recipharm ‒ a leading CDMO on the global arena • Founded by Lars Backsell and Thomas Eldered in 1995 • Annual sales of SEK 2.1 bn • Approximately 1,500 FTEs • More than 100 customers characterized by long relationships 2Recipharm ‒ a leading CDMO on the global arena Sales per segment 2013 Development & Technology 8% Manufacturing • Secondary manufacturing Sweden 41% • 9 manufacturing sites • Pharmaceutical development • Intellectual property Manufacturing Europe 51% 3Different from other outsourcing industries Long product Strict regulatory High switching High barriers lifecycles environment costs to entry +100 years +70 years Heavily regulated 18-24 months New entrants industry by product need significant initial capital +60 years outlay 4The global CDMO market is expected to grow rapidly 3 Global CDMO market 2 growth 2011-2015 Small- and mid-size In-house manufacturing (CAGR): and Specialty Pharma → Outsourcing 12% 1 Underlying pharmaceutical market 5Loyal and strong customer base Why do customers choose Recipharm? • 19 years of pharma contract manufacturing experience • Highly reliable with a solid reputation as a high quality supplier • Full service provider with broad range of capabilities and ability to offer customized solutions • Value added development services offering • Financial stability and transparency 6Loyal and strong customer base 2013 customers sales split by segment Research & Development Other 1% 1% Generic • Big Pharma 5% Big Pharma 53% - large portfolio contracts (including site) • Small- and midsized Specialty Pharma Small- and mid-sized - focus for Sales force Speciality Pharma 41% 7A highly fragmented competitive landscape Number of market players Globally In US and Europe alone Europe 1,000 300 North America Top ten companies combined India market share 25% 8Vision, mission and objectives To be acknowledged as the best in class provider of contract development and manufacturing solutions to the pharmaceutical Vision industry as judged by our customers, employees and other stakeholders Recipharm offers its expertise and facilities in the development, production and supply of pharmaceuticals to demanding Mission customers for global use Recipharm’s goal is to be a world leading supplier of CDMO-services 9Strategy Financial targets Return on Dividend policy Sales growth operating capital Double sales 15% 30-50% within five of net profit years 10The Recipharm model Development & Technology 8% Manufacturing Services 92% • Strategically aligned • Decentralised and scalable • Key business functions centralised 11Manufacturing Services – 92% the backbone of Recipharm Stockholm Wasserburg 1 6 7 Strängnäs Fontaine 4 1 Karlskoga Monts 2 6 Höganäs Parets 3 1 2 3 Ashton 1 2 5 Broad offering of technologies GRANULATES BETA -LACTAMS STERILES SEMI-SOLIDS INHALORS LYOPHILISATES 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 SOLIDS AND POWDER 200 products 1,200 SKUs 12Development & Technology – 8% strategic and important growth driver Development 17% Technology 83% • 35 employees • Mature portfolio of Current • 5 PhDs 22 branded generics • Projects in the development stage • Market extensions Growth • Line extensions initiatives • New product entry 13Growth initiatives Impact on future Impact on Growth initiatives Cost of growth margins growth Growth in existing Low Medium Low manufacturing footprint High growth in strategic Low/Medium High Low/Medium important D&T New production agreements Low Low High Acquisition of High Low/Medium High CDMOs 14Clear target priorities define the acquisition strategy • Technology focus - Cytotoxics - Pre-filled syringes RELATIONSHIP Höganäs • Market focus Ashton - North America Wasserburg - India - Europe MARKET TECHNOLOGY 15Q1 in brief • Strongest first quarter ever • All segments improved sales and EBIT, especially D&T • Strengthened sales organisation support sales growth • Net sales amounted to SEK 578 million (517), an increase of 11.7% (9.4 in constant FX rates) • EBIT amounted to SEK 78 million (38), giving a EBIT margin of 13.5% (7.2) • Cash flow from operating activities was SEK 57 million (-23) 16A highly attractive investment proposition Attractive market with strong underlying fundamentals and Sales growth 1. long-term growth prospects Double sales Leading Pan European CDMO with broad manufacturing within five 2. capabilities and a clear road-map to double sales within years five years (new contracts and acquisitions) Return on Strategic high-growth D&T division 3. operating capital 15% High visibility on locked-in revenues and a strong 4. customer base Dividend policy Stable non-cyclical, highly cash generative business with 5. impressive financial performance 30-50% of net profit Highly experienced and proven management with a successful 6. track record 17A highly attractive investment proposition Existing stable Growth business opportunities + 1819

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