Data link layer protocols ppt

ppt on data link layer in computer networks and data link control and protocols
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Published Date:23-07-2017
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Character count. Flag bytes with byte stuffing. Starting and ending flags, with bit stuffing. Physical layer coding violations.      1. The network layer on A gives packet 1 to its data link layer. The packet is correctly received at B and passed to the network layer on B. B sends an acknowledgement frame back to A. 2. The acknowledgement frame gets lost completely. It just never arrives at all. 3. The data link layer on A eventually times out. Not having received an ac ack kn now owlle edge dgem me en ntt,, iitt ( (iinc ncor orr rec ecttlly y) ) as ass su um mes es ttha hatt iitts s da datta a ffr ram ame e w wa as s lost or damaged and sends the frame containing packet 1 again. 4. The duplicate frame also arrives at the data link layer on B perfectly and is unwittingly passed to the network layer there. If A is sending a file to B, part of the file will be duplicated ( i.e., the copy of the file made by B will be incorrect and the error will not have been detected). In other words, the protocol will fail.    

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