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Published Date:27-04-2017
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Steps toMaximize Your Eating Habits 5There are infinite options when it comes to your diet—some choices are healthy andothers are notso healthy.But the choices you make don’t happen the moment you feel hungry.They’re often determined by the habits you develop with regard to planning meals ahead of time.Streamlining the meal-planning process can help ensure that what you prepare will be healthy enough for you and your family.Here are five shortcuts to maximize your eatinghabitsCreate 3to 5 standard breakfast meals.Come up with a few quick and healthy breakfast meals you can prepare in less than 10 minutes.Learn these recipes by heart and cook them on a regular basis so you can (almost) prepare them in your sleep.This will make it easier to incorporate breakfast into your daily routine and ensure you get your day off to a healthy start.Pack yourlunch.It’s not very exciting, but packing your lunch each day of the week minimizes stress.It also helps eliminate the unhealthy decisionsyou often makeduring the workweek.Create a meal plan system.This can be as simple as using a paper and pen to plan your mealsand shopping list for theweek.Stock your pantry with nonperishable, healthy food items.Many foods are the perfect solution when you’re stuck wondering what to eat.Examples: canned tuna, whole-wheat pasta, canned tomatoes, canned beans, canned fruits/veggies and popcornKnow your“back- up” meal plans.Come up with a few “when all else fails” meal ideas to make with the items you keep in your pantry.

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