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Executive Search is a recruitment service for which organization pay to seek out and recruit highly qualified candidates.and campus hiring strategy ppt
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Published Date:09-03-2017
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Executive Hiring What Is Executive Hiring? • Executive search (informally called headhunting) is a specialized recruitment service for which organizations pay to seek out and recruit highly qualified candidates for senior-level and executive jobs (e.g., President, Vice-president, CEO).• Hiring the right people for the right assignment has always been the aim of the hiring manager. • Hiring the best is not easy and it requires planning like any other Endeavour.• The EA (executive assistant) role is rapidly changing in today’s corporate culture. In the past, the EA was primarily responsible for administrative tasks. • Crucial things for Hiring are knowledge, skills, experience and the overall attitude.• However in their new role they are becoming an active behind-the- scenes partner to CEOs and senior level management.6 Stages For Executive Hiring•Plan what to do ? •Working with the candidates •Arrange mini board meeting •Referencing process •Compensation confirm process •In the endmost before offer• Create a list of approach, qualify and interview. • Prepare to speak with candidates before you are ready to hire. Working With Candidates - Take and Maintain control on candidates. - Stay organized. Always have alternatives for the candidate.• Set Time Line Allow time for your candidate to visit and resolve each of their concerns. • Reading The Candidates Try to Know what they are thinking at each step of the process. And try to listen them intently.Identify Push And Pull Aspects of current job why candidate is dissatisfied with that and What is driving them towards your company?Mini Board Meeting • A Mini B o a r d M e e t i n g is a c h a n c e t o y o u r expected executive to present a strategy plan to your leadership team or board, ensuring both parties are aligned.Arrange A Mini Board Meeting - Ask the candidate to prepare a plan, that would represent how he/she will approach the new role. - This will works for any executive position; not just for a CEO reporting to a board.Referencing • Referencing is the best predictable way of successfully hiring a person. • Find their development areas.• Dig out thecandidate’s whole past experience.It’s very necessary for you and your company. • Never be scared to ask them: “what?”“why?”“how?” “Tell me more aboutthat”Compensation Confine • Ask about compensation in their last role. And try to know their expectations early on. • start work on their expectations and see if you can get them more aligned with where you believe your offer will land.- In the end, when all other issues have been resolved, then give the candidate a sense of what the compensation package you will offer.In The Endmost Before Offer - Try to read out the candidates. Before you are ready to make your offer, Is candidate able to look you in the eye and say “I want thejob.” If the personcan’t do that, you have more work to do.- When Onceyou’re Finally confident that all concerns are completely right and you are ready to make the offer to him/her. - You should show a high level of keenness and commitment before the candidate. when you make the offer it will be accepted.