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Published Date:24-03-2017
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INTRODUCTION Google has taken on Amazon's Alexa, Apple's Siri, and Microsoft's Cortana with its own voice assistant called Google Assistant. Google first unveiled Assistant at Google I/O in May 2016.Device CompatibilityGoogle Assistant launched on the Google Pixel smart phones and Google Home. A limited version also released in the Google Allo app. In Feb 2017, it deployed on Android Wear devices via Android Wear 2.0, and it will also be made available for Android TV-compatible televisions and set-top boxes as well as cars. Now it's all set for all Marshmallow and Nougat devicesWhat is Google Assistant? Google Assistant is an intelligent personal assistant, considered an upgrade of Google Now - designed to be personal - as well as an expansion of Google's existing "OK Google" voice controls.How does Google Assistant work?•The Google Assistant is access with the “OK Google” key word. •You can ask a question to Google Assistant and then follow up questions according to your need. •It follows each conversation and keep track of, determine the context and respond audibly with the right answer.How Google Assistant makes Life SimplerGoogle assistance lets you ask verbally and just starts by commanding “OK Google” and you will get the required services on your fingertips. Letting you do things like send messages, check appointments and so on on your Android device.Find Music If you search for a music or song with specification, it will show you the result in the YouTube.News and Weather Information It provides you latest news by obeying your command “what is the current news”. Beneficial for you when you are driving.Set Reminders With the help of Smart Google Assistant, you can set varieties of reminders as you want. You will get a reminder according to your location and time- set.Google Assistant is handy for Android users, as they will get easier ways to access things based on their searching. Try it and enjoy awesome results with smart Google……Follow us on :-