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sap manufacturing integration and intelligence ppt and sap manufacturing overview ppt
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Published Date:28-07-2017
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SAP Manufacturing Accounting Naeem Arif, SAP Finance Architect, Jaguar Land RoverSession Objectives • This session is aimed at giving an overview of how JLR applied and implemented SAP Manufacturing Accounting and share some lessons learned SAP at JLR • SAP tactical solution covering; – Core functions (Acctg, Purch, Sales) – Manufacturing – CRM – Global Trade & DistributionContents • Introduction • Overview of Solution • What are the Key Master Data Objects • Product Cost Planning • Discrete Manufacturing vs Repetitive Manufacturing • Wrap-upBusiness Challenges I want … I want …. I want …Business Requirements • In summary; – Capture the Cost of Manufacturing individual products and sub- assemblies – Match costs to the activities that incur them – Provide Profitability indicators – Aid decision making from shop floor to the board room – Provide a Cost Recovery mechanism, with flexibility without losing power – Provide detailed variance analysis to support decision making – Ensure dataset is “Fit for Purpose”Modules Financial Accounting Controlling GL AP AR AA CCA PCA IO PS PA PC GL CCA IO PC PP IMSAP Orders • An Order is SAP can be setup as a Cost Collector for many different reasons; Overhead Investment Profitability Production Works Orders Orders Orders Orders Orders Real or Capitalisation Capture Capture Capture cost Statistical Revenue vs Production of completing Expense Costs an activity (e.g. repair, service, other activity)Manufacturing TermsKey Master Data ObjectsMaterial MastersBOM – Bill of Materials • From a Production Point of view, this is the list of components that will be consumed in order to make the materialWork Center • Work Centers are PP objects for planning Production Activities onProduction OverviewProduct Cost Planning • CO-PC Planning is the process is calculating a Standard Cost of Manufacture • The idea is to decide how much it should cost to create a widget • This is the integral part of the process where all your business rules kick inMaterial Cost Cost Estimates Updates Product Cost Planning Raw Materials Raw Materials Sub Engine Stock Transfer Receipt Consumed Assembly Assembly to Vehicle Plants Receipt into WIP Stock & Variance AnalysisSolution Principles • Challenges exist around our local (JLR specific) and legal/statutory requirements • Standard Costing vs Actual Costing ? • Batch production or Mass production?Discrete vs Repetitive • Making Tins of Beans vs High Specification, serialised component products • Integration of your shop floor systems with the transaction recording system (SAP) • Fit for Purpose?Accounting? Discrete Repetitive • Specific Production Order • Specific product accounting accounting • Capture costs per • Capture cost per product run/batch • Variances / WIP per • Variances / WIP per Period Order • Reliant on SAP BO/BI to deliver Finance KPI reportingSummary • Developing a “state of the art” manufacturing facility is reliant on a “state of the art” ERP system to support it • Standard SAP does not roll-out of the box to meet all our business requirements • Be clear in your understanding of Discrete vs Repetitive and which is Fit for Purpose

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