Types of batteries and their uses

cells and batteries notes and cells and batteries ppt and Battery working principle ppt and trends in battery technology
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Published Date:03-04-2017
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Future Batteries to charge the GadgetsFuture Batteries Future batteries are the power saver and time saving devices. By using these future batteries we will get our smart gadgets charging with in the seconds.Some Types of Future BatteriesLithium-air breathing batteries • Lithium-air batteries will charge our phone using oxygen. It will make phone and cars 5-times faster than now. • This discovery is made by Dallas University. • Lithium-air batteries will come in 5- 10 years.Bio Plant Charger • This Bio Plant charger, charge your device with the power of photosynthesis. • Bio is a plant pot. Continue.. • The pot uses organic material which reacts with water and organic matter from the plant. • This generates a reaction that produces power to charge the gadgets.Gold Nanowire Batteries • Gold Nanowire batteries are made by gold wire in a gel electrolyte. • They are 1k thinner than a human hair. Continue.. • Gel electrolyte is used to avoid the breakage problem. • Gold Nanowire batteries never die.Magnesium Batteries • Magnesium batteries are in development. • These batteries are made using magnesium. • Their size will be small. • The charging will be done with magnesium.Fuel Cell for Phones and Drones  Now our phones will be charged with a cell called“Fuel Cell.” In the future we only need to charge phones once in a week and drones can fly for over an hour with this cell.Continue.. This Fuel cell is made by combining porous stainless steel with thin-film electrolyte and electrodes of minimal capacity.Follow us on :