5G wireless mobile technology ppt

5g wireless communication ppt and 5g wireless system ppt presentation and 5g wireless technology ppt slides
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Published Date:09-03-2017
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1 5 G2 Contents ▪ Introduction to 5G ▪ Evolution from 1G to 5G ▪ Standards of wireless 5G ▪ Architecture ▪ Features ▪ Advantages ▪ Applications ▪ Conclusion3 Introduction ▪ What is 5G ? ▪ What does it offer ? ▪ why we need 5G ?4 Introduction of 5G - 5G is a packet switched wireless system with wide area coverage and high throughput. - 5G wireless uses OFDM and millimeter wireless that enables data rate of 20 mbps and frequency band of 2-8 GHz. - 5G is going to be a packed based network. 5 What does it offer ?  Worldwide cellular phones.  Extraordinary data capabilities.  High connectivity.  More power & features in hand held phones.  Large phone memory, more dialing speed, more clarity in audio & video. 6 Why we need 5G ? ▪ Due to drawback of other generation. ▪ They have low speed , poor voice and video quality as 5G. 7 th Evolution 0 Generation ▪ Pre-cell phone mobile telephony technology, such as radio telephones that some had in cars before the arrival of cell phones. ▪ Communication was possible through voice only. ▪ These mobile telephones were usually mounted in cars or trucks. ▪ Technologies : - PTT(Push to Talk) - MTS (Mobile Telephone System) - IMTS (Improved MTS)8 th 0 Generation ▪ First mobile radio telephone In 1924.9 st 1 Generation “A voice call gets modulated to a higher frequency of about150MHz and it is transmitted between radio towers. This is done using a technique called Frequency-Division Multiple Access (FDMA).”10 Continued….. ▪ Technologies: - FDMA (Frequency Division Multiple Access) - NMT (Nordic Mobile Telephone) - AMPS (Advanced Mobile Phone System) ▪ Problems : - No security - Prone to distortions11 st Drawback of 1 G ▪ Poor battery ▪ Poor voice quality ▪ Large in size ▪ No security ▪ Frequency call drop12 nd 2 Generation ▪ Digital cell phones ▪ Speed: 10kbits/sec ▪ Time to download a 3min MP3 song: 31- 41 min ▪ Different Services : ▪ Standards: - Digital voice calling - GSM - Short message service (SMS) - CDMA - TDMA13 Drawback of 2G ▪ Weaker digital signal ▪ Due to rapid changes in user expectation, they do not meet today's wireless need. ▪ These systems are unable to handle complex data such as Videos. ▪ Low voice data & slow transmission. ▪ Reduce range of sound14 rd 3 Generation ▪ Time to download a 3min MP3 “ 3G networks provide the ability to transfer voice data & song: non-voice data over the same ▪ 11sec-1.5min network simultaneously.” Applications ▪ The aim of the 3G is to allow for Speed: 144kb/sec-3mb/sec i.e. 1 more coverage and growth with million bits, or 125,000 bytes, of minimum investment. data are being transferred per ▪ Internet, e-mail, fax, e-commerce, music, video clips, and second . videoconferencing.15 Continued…… Features includes: - Phone calls - Global roaming, GPS - Send/receive large email messages - High-speed Web, Navigation/maps - Video conferencing - Electronic agenda meeting reminder16 Drawback of 3G ▪ High Bandwidth Requirement ▪ Expensive 3G Phones. ▪ Large Cell Phones17 th 4 Generation ▪“The word “MAGIC” also refers ▪ Speed: to 4G wireless technology which ▪ The data transfer is 100 Mbps stands for Mobile multimedia, for outdoor and 1Gbps for Any-where, Global mobility indoor. solutions over, Integrated wireless and Customized services.”18 Continued….. ▪ Features include: - A spectrally efficient system - High network capacity - Huge data rate - Perfect connectivity & global roaming - High quality of service, Security & Privacy 19 Drawback of 4G ▪ Battery uses is more ▪ Hard to implement ▪ Need complicated hardware ▪ Expensive equipment required to implement next generation network.20 Standard of WIRELESS 5G - WiMAX formed to provide conformance and interoperability of the IEEE 802.16 standard. It aims to provide wireless data over long distance from point-to-point link to cellular mobile type access. - WiBRO a part of IEEE 802.16e in process to provide collaborative and generic mobile WiMAX.

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