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how iptv works diagram and how much bandwidth does iptv use and iptv architecture ppt
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Published Date:13-07-2017
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IPTV Technology, Trends and Challenges EE233 Class Presentation William D. Hong Bala Pesalaƒƒƒ Outline The “WWW” of IPTV What is IPTV ? Why IPTV ? When IPTV ?What is IPTV IPTV: Internet Protocol Television Television through Internet TV Internet ContentWhy IPTV The “AAA” of what consumers want ?? Content Any where Any time Any deviceWhy IPTV ? Digitizing the info enables the AAA’s easily Source Sanford Bernstein & Co.ƒƒƒƒƒƒƒƒ Why IPTV ? Imagine a World Video on Demand with hundreds of Channels Interactive program guide Picture-in-Picture Search Functionality Event Notification Integrated Caller I.D. Integration w/ Data Multiple Angle/PicturesSBC/AT&T IPTV Demonstration of Key FeaturesWorldwide Broadband Households by Region 140 Africa Middle East 120 Australia/New Zealand Eastern Europe Latin America 100 Asia 10 million house holds/year Western Europe in U.S alone 80 North America 60 40 20 0 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 Millions of HHsIPTV Marketƒƒƒƒƒƒ Recent IPTV Roll outs AT&T Offering IPTV to consumers in the San Antonio, Texas market. 200 channels, including ESPN, HBO, Disney, MTV, and CNN, along with video-on-demand titles and set-top boxes with DVR capabilities. AT&T also plans to allow customers with video-enabled cell phones to watch programs stored at home through a digital video recorder. In addition AT&T began offering fiber-based, high-speed Internet, but the fiber is not extended to homes,. VERIZON Began offering its fiber-based FiOS TV service in seven communities in North Texas Verizon expects to have 400,000 subscribers in the North Texas area more than one million potential viewers. IPTV: TECHNOLOGYWhat is IPTV? • What is IPTV? –Uses broadband internet for delivery of television programming. • How is it different? – Digitally switched architecture, NOT channel based. – No tuning. Set top box (STB) decodes IP video. Content delivered as needed. – Interactive, personalized, robust. •VOD vs IPTV IPTV is a type of VOD serviceCATV Architecture (e.g. PON RF overlay ) • 54-870 MHz spectrum with 6 MHz bandwidth (134 potential carriers) – Lower 65: analog – Upper 65: digital • Entire bandwidth delivered to homes Van Veen, et al. Bell Labs Technical Journal, 10 (1), 181-200 (2005)IPTV Architecture • Signals encoded and multicast via IP packets • Digital encoding and decoding required • Eliminate CATV lasers and EDFAs • Efficient bandwidth use Van Veen, et al. Bell Labs Technical Journal, 10 (1), 181-200 (2005)Bandwidth Vs Lengthƒƒƒ IPTV Broadcast Technologies • Ethernet vs ATM (Asynchronous Transfer mode) Ethernet is dominant LAN technology while ATM is used in Internet Backbones ATM is a solution that fits all: WAN/MAN/LAN and offers higher QOS (Quality of Service) ATM is a complex technology that needs higher installation times and is also more costlyTechnological Overview Supportsoft, “IPTV- The Clear Picture” • National Headend – Pulls content from satellite and encodes video stream to compressed IP packets – Telco ownership of entire system ensures QoS – Multicast to local offices • Forward Error Correction to ensure delivery of packetsTechnological Overview Supportsoft, “IPTV- The Clear Picture” • Local Office – Mixes in local tv stations, advertising, VOD – Middleware handles • User authentication • Channel change requests • Billing • VOD requests –UnicastVOD via Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP)Technological Overview Supportsoft, “IPTV- The Clear Picture” • Local Office (continued…) - Bandwidth issues – Currently, AT&T offers 1.5-6Mbps high speed internet via DSL – Newest ADSL+ max bandwidth 25Mbps –Delivery of multiple streams (for PIP, multiple program recording, multi TV households) required – Standard definition TV • 1-1.5 Mbps in Windows Media encoding • 3.5 Mbps in MPEG-2 – High definition TV • 7-8 Mbps in Windows Media encoding • 18-20 Mbps in MPEG-2 – MAJOR upgrades to infrastructure are required and underway (e.g. FTTH)Technological Overview Supportsoft, “IPTV- The Clear Picture” • End User – Set Top Box (STB) – Reassembles IP packets, decodes video – Communicates with local office – Change channels via IP Group Membership (IPGM v2) protocol to join multicast

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