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Published Date:09-03-2017
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Technology Is Largely Misused To Destroy The WorldWhat is Technology?? It is the collection of techniques, skills, methods and processes used in the production of goods or services or in the accomplishment of objectives, such as scientific investigation.INTRODUCTION • Technology is itself not a terrible thing, but only terrible when used incorrectly. • Technology has became the every essence of human life. • Technology has turned fiction into reality. • Technology is both blessing or curse.“Technology is a queer thing. It brings you gifts with one hand and stabs you in the back with the other hand.” Technology is normally created in an effort to make a task easier, more efficient and faster. As a result of this, often times the problem that is being solved is the only thing considered and other implications of technological innovation, can sometimes be neglected.Human And Violence •As humans evolved so did our technology. •So instead of hitting each other with tools we made from stone we killed each other with metal weapons and later on guns. •Humans have fought for many reasons over the centuries; Land, Religion, Pride, and just for the sake of violence. •All these violent acts require resources to start and resources to fix the damage. •This way humans have destroyed many natural resources in the pursuit of violenceMisuse of Nuclear Weapons •Atomic bombs use the energy of splitting atoms to release tremendous amounts of energy. “ •The first atomic bomb was used on Hiroshima in Japan in 1945. •Because of the atomicbomb’s high destructive power, it destroyed landscapes (resources and native life), buildings, and humans. •The real disaster of a nuclear device is not the initial destruction but the radiation that comes after.CONTINUED.. •The radioactive particles not only cause mutation and disease in humans but in“ the animals and plants in the surrounding area. •If radiation enters into a water source, that water source can become poisonous and lethal to the living creatures that drink from it. •In this was a nuclear weapon does not just kill it also infects the land and water.Effects Of These AttacksNon- Biodegradable Manufacturing Plastic Bags ◉Technological innovations in plastic packaging has allowed companies to use plastic to house nearly every product sold in stores. Takes 500+ years to ◉Once these products are unwrapped, and the packaging decompose disposed, the plastic often ends up in landfills or being Styrofoam swept off by the wind. ◉These technologically advanced forms of packaging can take decades or even longer to decompose: Takes an estimated 1 million + years to decomposeNon- Biodegradable Manufacturing • As these products are dumped in to our landfills, Plastic Bottles & Containers not only do they fail to decompose, they leak toxic chemicals into our aquifers, rivers and in turn, lakes contaminating fresh water. • As a community, the garbage we throw out can impact our lives in the future by polluting these natural water resources. • Landfills and chemical saturation are not the only Takes an estimated 1 million ways plastic and Styrofoam packaging have + effected the planet. years to decomposeNon-Renewable Energy Consumption Our main non-renewable energy sources that easy supply our power needs. These sources cause major destruction to our environment. Oil– Oil spills cause huge damage to wild life, because oil remains on the surface, such as beaches, oceans, rivers and the land. Coal– The burning of coal causes massive air pollution, that creates smog. Not only does smog harm the environment, also causes major health issues. Gas– When ignited, massive explosions will follow causes wild fires. Nuclear– requires rare materials, that are found by removal of large areas. Radiation created by the process can cause decades of problems.AUTOMOBILES, PLANES & TRAINS ◉The automobile can be ◉The amount of CO in the 2 argued to be one of the atmosphere has increased best inventions to date. It with the amount of cars that gets us from point A to are being used. point B in a fast manner. Same with planes and ◉This can cause harm to our Trains. planet by trapping ambient heat within our atmosphere ◉However, the fossil fuels and warming the planet. This used in the performance could cause major of these technologies is environmental changes that hurtingour environment. most of the organic life forms on our planet could not survive.Misuse of Technology in Cybercrime Cyber Crime • Electronic gambling or offences • Resources or Tools • Take place in global electronic network • First recorded cyber crime took place in 1820.Commonly Investigating Cyber Crimes More noticeable cyber crimes in which the whole world is stuck are:  Cyber bulling  Electronic Money Laundering or tax evasion  Hacking  Malicious software  Theft  Cyber terrorismTechnology And Environment As technology advances and is mass produced the amount of raw resources needed increases as well. As we continue to destroy different location for the resources we damage the environment. Not to mention the local wildlife that calls those locations home.Continued.. A major resource that humans use, and the environment needs, is trees. Humans have already cut down over half of the worlds rainforests for the resources. These rainforest are responsible for the creation of a lot of our oxygen. So while we are destroying the rainforests we are also destroying ourselves.Conclusion •Technology has become a necessity in our society with in recent decades. •Technology is negatively affecting social relationships, as well as social and literacy skills. •Technology is ruining our air, atmosphere, and ultimately life on Earth. •The advancements in technology are detrimental to our existence on Earth.THANKS For any queries, contact us at