Self Assessment in Education ppt

how to improve self education and also explain how important is self education and approaches to self managed learning
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Published Date:09-03-2017
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Effective Self EducationSelf Study A way of learning that involves studying alone at home, rather than in class with a teacher.Use following tips for self Study to get Success. Prepare a Study Zone Create a study space, organized desk, chair and all the things which you need at study time.Take a Dictionary • Use online dictionary or actual dictionary from which you can find the words when you are studying from books. Use Highlighter When your are doing self study, make use of highlighter to mark the important elements.Learn From Different Mediums • Don’t be limited to a single source for learning. • Increase your knowledge from different mediums.Talk to Experts • Make communication with the people who are expert in the topic which you are learning. • No one fails the one to one communication with inspiring people. Make study Routine.Make learning your Life Style Don’t stop yourself to learn when you are doing good. Try to learn more for your knowledge.Learn Online • You can take help from online communities which are providing online courses.News Aggregators • Rather than finding at different websites, keep yourself update with the news aggregators like Google news etc. ReviewGoal Set your goal on daily basis or monthly and motivate yourself to complete them.Make Schedule • Make Promise to yourself to study daily. To complete the promise make schedule to study in routine.Make Notes • Make small notes as a reminder to do your work complete daily.

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