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quotes on negotiation and negotiation quotes strategy and benefits of negotiation skills
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Published Date:09-03-2017
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Ways To Become Good NegotiatorNegotiation is a dialogue between two or more people or parties intended to reach a beneficial outcome over one or more issuesPeople negotiate daily, often without considering it a negotiation. Negotiation occurs in organizations, including businesses and non profitsTypes Of Negotiation •Distributive negotiation •Integrative negotiation Distributive negotiation occurs under zero sum conditions and implies that any gain one party makes is at the expense of other or vice-versa Integrative Negotiation is a set of techniques that intends to improve the quality and livelihood of negotiated agreement Ways to become good negotiator are:-Plan Ahead Make a list of meeting goals and items that should be discussed as well as a list of possible outcomes•Try to build a case for achieving best results •Make a plan B in case conversation doesn’t go your wayYour Ego Is Not Your Amigo The ego makes you do or say things in a way that pleases and makes you feel powerful•Leave your ego at home or elsewhere and be neutral while negotiating •Negotiation is not about “I” its about “WE”.Discuss Concerns •Don’t be afraid to voice your concern but voice it in an affable or jovial manner •Don’t raise your voice while discussing your problemsBe Mindful Of Body Language Positive body language helps Use your eyes and expressions to your bestAnalyze and correct Analyze what went wrong and what worked during the meeting Buildup on your strengths, correct your weaknesses and get ready for the next meetingThank you

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