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A case study is an empirical enquiry that investigates a contemporary phenomenon in depth and within its real life context and case control study example ppt and case study powerpoint examples
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Published Date:09-03-2017
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Case Study in a nutshellDefinition A case study is a empirical enquiry that investigates a contemporary phenomenon in depth and within its real life context, especially when the boundaries between the phenomenon and context is not clearly evident Case study method is one of the most common methods of teaching in west and in many premier institutes in India This helps students in enhancing their analytical, reading, strategic planning and implementation skill and application of learning of domain knowledge in real life situationsTypes of Case study Intrinsic case study- It is the case study in which researchers do not have to select the case Eg:- Evaluation of the process of implementing an innovation in an institution Instrumental case study-It is the type of case study in which researchers begin with a research question or problem, and seek out a case that offers illumination Advantages of Case Study Method Develops strong reading skills Develops analytical skills Develops logical thinking Develops strategic planning skillsAdvantages continue Develops good communication skills Develops confidence and art of public speaking Develops thinking, planning and implementation skillsTypes of Designs Single case- holistic Single case embedded Multiple holistic Multiple embeddedHow to solve case study Read, visualize, realize and analyze Think Think about alternatives What went wrong What is to be doneHow to solve Case Study Focus on various data, graph and events Find out the major reason for success/failure Focus on different types of analysisProcess of Case Analysis Reading the case Jotting down/underlining/highlighting the key facts, figures, events, strategies, success or failure Analyzing the economy and various dimensions of business environmentData Collection Documentation Archival notes Interviews Direct observationPrinciples of Case Study Create a case study data base Use multiple sources of data Maintain a chain of evidenceAreas to focus Data, facts and figures Industry reports Company financials Industry financials Economic life-cycle Product life-cyclePresentation of the Case Make a good power point presentation Support it with graphs and charts Support it with statistical data and analysis Recommend the various functional strategiesSolutions Remember that there may be multiple solutions to a case Give solutions that are relevantThank you Any queries? You can find us at

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