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Published Date:09-03-2017
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What is Biomedical Engineering ? Biomedical engineering is the application of engineering principles and design concepts to medicine and biology.INTRODUCTION □Combines the skills of engineering with medical and biological sciences □It focuses on the advances that improves human health and health care at all levels.Sub-disciplines within BME •Biochemical-BME, based on Chemical engineering •Bioelectrical-BME, based on Electrical engineering and Computer Science •Biomechanical-BME, based on Mechanical engineeringOther Related Disciplines •The design and development of active and passive medical devices •Orthopedic implants •Medical imaging •Biomedical signal processing •Tissue and stem cell engineering •Clinical engineeringWhat do Biomedical Engineers “ do? Biomedical engineering is an extremely broad field with many opportunities for specialization. Tissue and stem cell engineers are working towards artificial recreation of human organs, aiding in transplants and helping millions around the world live better lives.Continued.. “ Experts in medical devices develop new implantable and external devices such as pacemakers, coronary stents, orthopaedic implants, prosthetics, dental products, and ambulatory devices. Clinical engineers work to ensure that medical equipment is safe and reliable for use in clinical settings.Treatment 1. Doctor diagnoses and treat patient diseases. 2. Biomedical Scientist analyses the blood from a patient so that the doctor knows how to diagnose and treat. 3. Biomedical Engineer design the equipment used to analyze the blood.Heart Transplant 1. Biomedical Scientist determines blood flow and heart functions 2. Biomedical Engineer uses this information to design the artificial heart 3. Doctor carries out surgery and monitors patient healthReplacing Damaged Skin 1. Biomedical Scientist establishes how the artificial skin will be tolerated by the body. 2. Bio-molecular Engineer designs, operates and maintains the process to grow the synthetic skin (tissue engineering). 3. Doctor operates to graft the artificial skin to the body.Repairing a Damaged Hip 1. Biomedical Scientist establishes how the hip joint functions in the body 2. Biomedical Engineer designs the prosthesis (artificial hip) 3. Doctor operates on the patient and monitors the recoveryRepairing Damaged Bones 1. Biomedical Scientist establishes how the bones function in the body. 2. Biomedical Engineer designs the equipment to be used during surgery to ensure correct alignment. 3. Doctor operates on the patient and monitors the recovery.Recent Trends In BME Medical Imaging ■Fusion Imaging ■Cardiac Imaging ■Lung ImagingRecent Trends in BME Biomechanics ■Neuralgic Problems ■Muscoskeletal ProblemsRecent Trends in BME □Biomaterials-Bone Regeneration □Rehabilitation Engineering □BioinstrumentationsCareer Prospects In the last few years, both Forbes and CNN Money have dubbed biomedical engineering as the best health care career out there. And the possibilities within biomedical engineering are nearly endless. New innovations in technology, materials, and knowledge mean that tomorrow’s breakthroughs can barely be conceived of today. After all, a generation ago, biomedical engineering, as a field, did not exist.Career Prospects •Excellent job prospects and earning potential in the near future •The biomedical engineering profession has a 72 percent, 10- year job growth forecastContinued. .The Future of Biomedical “ Engineering Economically speaking, medical diagnostics triple in market value each year. Revolutionary advances in medical imaging and medical diagnostics are changing the way medicine is practiced. New medical devices, arising in the research laboratories of biomedical engineers around the world, have completely altered the manner by which disease and trauma is dealt with by physicians, extending the quality and length of human life.Thanks.. Any Questions ?? Contact us at