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Technical Guruji is a very famous tech channel on YouTube now a days created by Mr. Gaurav Chaudhary (expert in security).
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Published Date:01-04-2017
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TECHNICAL GURUJIAbout Technical Guruji• “Technical Guruji” is a very famous tech channel on YouTube now a days. • Created by Mr. Gaurav Chaudhary (expert in security). • He lives in Dubai. • He makes videos only as a hobby. He is a security Professional. •“Technical Guruji” is India’s largest tech channel on YouTube Channel run by Mr. Gaurav Chaudhary. th • This Channel was created on 18 October, 2015. • The motive behind creating this channel was to make easy to understand, tech videos in Hindi. Technical Guruji has his Hindi blogging website where blogging, Hindi tips and tricks, internet, technical news and how to make money online, all related post are available in HindiMission of Mission of is to make all information of internet available in Hindi so that Hindi users can have information of all latest topics in their mother tongue.Technical Information Category •Blogging •Internet •Technical news •Youtube •Hindi tips and tricks •Make money online •SEOLikes and subscribers 1.4 Million subscribers on You tube 1.1 Million views on You tube 132.5 K Fans on FacebookContact info For Business Enquiries Follow us on:-