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business process management framework ppt and introduction to business process management ppt
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Published Date:18-07-2017
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CA441: Business Process Management Class: EC 4 Lecturer: Martin Crane 1 CA441 BPM - Admin 19 Sep 2011What are Business Processes anyway? Def: A collection of interrelated work tasks, initiated in • response to an event, achieving a specific result for the customer and other stakeholders of the process (Sharp & McDermott) No Result – No Process • + Customer Relationship Management is not a process + Confirm Market Opportunity is a process BPM = Management of Business Processes • 2 CA441 BPM - Admin 19 Sep 2011 A Simple Business Process Example Customer Buying Cup of Coffee • Different Actors involved: Customer, Cashier, Chef • Give Coffee Prepare Coffee to Customer Take Order Collect Payment Place Order Make Payment Collect Coffee 3 CA441 BPM - Admin 19 Sep 2011 Customer Cashier ChefBPM Timeline Origins in manufacturing (1700s): • + One person making an item from start to finish + Specialisation: division of labour (Adam Smith) Analysis of Specialised Tasks/ 'Time & Motion' Studies (1900s) • Work Process Flow (early to mid-1900s) (Frank Gilbreth) • + Disenchantment with the Assembly Line (1930s) Workflow (mid-1970s): • + Document-based at a departmental process level The Quality Era (1980s): • + Continuous Improvement (Total Quality Mgmt- Deming & Juran) Business Process Reengineering (BPR) (1990s) • + Revolution V Evolution (Hammer & Champy) Business Process Modelling (2000s) • + Multilevel, whole organization process integration & modelling 4 CA441 BPM - Admin 19 Sep 2011BPM Caveats.... BPM has potential to transform organizations into more nimble, • agile entities, leveraging both human & tech capital effectively. However, often BPM efforts are spoiled by an emphasis on • technology, diagrams, or other pedantry. BPM is not primarily about these; its purpose is to improve • business. If you cannot demonstrate the business value of a BPM effort, go back to the drawing board. Processes are a view on organizations, but are an abstraction • from reality & do not cover all aspects of a complex system. Don’t mix up the map with the territory it represents. 5 CA441 BPM - Admin 19 Sep 2011BPM Caveats....cont'd BPM efforts require structure & methodology. • + structure to guide efforts at different levels of abstraction (separating what from how), i.e. a level framework. + also need a structure to navigate among the processes of your organization, i.e. a process architecture. + need a methodology to retain & leverage what you have learned about managing & conducting BPM projects Shouldn't try to improve everything at once, but review the most • important aspect (i.e. 'Pinchpoints') of an organization. 6 CA441 BPM - Admin 19 Sep 2011Relationship Between Concepts Relationship Between Concepts Business Process (i.e what is intended to happen ) Is defined in a Is managed by Workflow Management System Process Definition (a representation of what is intended (controls automated aspects of the to happen) business process via) Used to manage and create Composed of Sub-Processes Process Instances (a representation of what is actually happening) Activities Include one or more Which may be Activity Instances During execution or are represented by Which include Manual Activities Automated Activities And/Or (which are not managed as part of the Workflow system) Work Items Invoked Applications (tasks allocated to a workflow (computer tools/applications used to participant) support an activity) SOURCE: WFMC 7 CA441 BPM - Admin 19 Sep 2011Course Objectives Examine the main concepts of Business Process Management • and Business Process Re-design Examine techniques for modelling Business Processes. • Examine the environmental conditions and the enabling • technologies. Compare BPR with other management techniques. • 8 CA441 BPM - Admin 19 Sep 2011Course Structure Lectures • Introduction - scope, objectives. •Workflow Modelling (understanding current WF/ designing new WF) • Introduction to Business Process Redesign •Business Process Re-engineering • Successful Re-engineering Projects •Socio-Technical Systems • Workflow Tools •Workflow Management • WF Management in Practice: Petri-Nets •Business Process Modelling 9 CA441 BPM - Admin 19 Sep 2011Timetable Lectures Monday 12 - 1 CG05 Thursday 2 - 3 CG04 Labs None Tutorials Monday 2 - 3 CG05 as required 10 CA441 BPM - Admin 19 Sep 2011End-of-Semester Mark Assignments 50% • Exam 50% • Assignments Essay in form of a research paper • Details to be announced • 11 CA441 BPM - Admin 19 Sep 2011Information See my web page at: Research Papers/Lecture Notes on various topics will be put on this page throughout the course 12 CA441 BPM - Admin 19 Sep 2011BOOK LIST Jackson, Michael & Twaddle, Graham Business Process Implementation Addison Wesley. Hammer, Michael & Champy, James Reengineering the Corporation Nicholas Brealey. Sharp, Alec & McDermott, Patrick Workflow Modelling Artech House. Davenport, Thomas H. Process Innovation Harvard Business School Press. Other books and articles will be recommended for reading from time to time. 13 CA441 BPM - Admin 19 Sep 2011Workflow Modelling (Sharp & McDermott) 1 CA441 BPM - Workflow Modelling 20 Sep 2010Method Frame the Process Understand the current (“as-is”) process Design the new (“to-be”) process Develop use-case scenarios 2 CA441 BPM - Workflow Modelling 20 Sep 2010Process Enablers Workflow design Workplan for responding to an event • Information technology Focus on information systems • Motivation and measurement Explicit and implicit reward systems • People do what they are measured on • Human resources Knowledge, skills and experience • Training, organisational structure, job definitions … • Policies and rules Internal and external • May be obsolete • Facilities design Workplace design and infrastructure • 3 CA441 BPM - Workflow Modelling 20 Sep 2010Context Framework (aka a FW for putting analysis of Bps in context with analysis of IS Requirements) Mission, strategy and goals Business process Information system Presentation • Logic • Data management • 4 CA441 BPM - Workflow Modelling 20 Sep 2010Modelling techniques Business process: process workflow models (“swimlane” diagrams) Presentation: use case scenarios Application logic: various Data management: various 5 CA441 BPM - Workflow Modelling 20 Sep 2010Process Workflow Model Submit Resubmit etc. registration registration Student by post Sort post by Deliver Mailroom department post yes Open post, Sort Department decide if registrations secretary no no misdirected by advisor Enrollment Decide if Request assistant form is admission yes complete status Registrar’s office Print student Batched and run summary etc. overnight report Department advisor 6 CA441 BPM - Workflow Modelling 20 Sep 2010Workflow-driven Methodology Understand Design Frame the Develop use Design user as-is to-be process cases interface process process Describe application processes (transactions) and business rules Build overall process map Develop logical data model 7 CA441 BPM - Workflow Modelling 20 Sep 2010

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