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bullying on social media quotes and goodbye social media quotes and importance of social media quotes
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Published Date:09-03-2017
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EFFECTS OFFacebook 1 Blogging(Wordpress) MAJOR 4 Twitter 2 PLAYERS Tumblr 5 Google+ 3 Pinterest 6 MySpace 71. A Fall Sense of ConnectionWhen people are busy on social networking sites they have less time for their friendsThus, their connections weaken2. Low ProductivityTwo things that never come back in life are wasted time and neglected opportunity3. Self Esteem AffectedCOMMENTS on social networking sites can negatively affect users self-esteem.Users feel less confident because of not many likes and comments on their picture.4. Cyber BullyingCyber-bullying causes DEPRESSION in teenagersSome Victims suicided to finish the pain caused by cyber- bullying5. DistractionPeople who spend a lot of time on social networking sites, cannot open on their daily tasks.This causes a big distraction from:This causes a big distraction from:This causes a big distraction from: FAMILY DUTYGROWING UP WITH SOCIAL MEDIA STARTING EARLY Age when the average child begins regularly consuming online media CHILDREN ON FACEBOOK 6 year old or under 12 years old or under 13-17 years old 4%, 4% 38%, 38% And have posted……. Their Home address & phone numbers. 58%, 58% Pictures of themselves. Their Real Name.