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A blog is a website consisting of entries appearing in reverse order with the most recent entry appearing first. introduction to blogging ppt
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Published Date:09-03-2017
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BloggingBlog A blog is a website consisting of entries appearing in reverse order with the most recent entry appearing first. Blogs typically include features such as comments and links to increase user attention. Blogs are created using specific publishing software..Different Styles of BloggingIntuition Blogging In this blogging an individual share his original ideas by a blog.Objective blogging This is a decision making blogging. This style is done with the aim to achieve something.Piggyback Blogging • Writing about the existing things. • Through piggyback blogging the writer takes attention to the popular topics. Life Blogging Through life blogging you write about the reality of your life. You share that happened to you. Report Blogging Make Announcement of about a news which was not presented previously. You can be the first to show the news by report blogging.Link Blogging It helps to create link by inserting multiple links in a single blog. Photo & Video Blogging • Add photos and original videos to your blog to tell the story. • You can embed videos from you tube or other video sharing sites. List Blogging • List posts are ubiquitous – and hugely popular. • Bloggers like to use list post because list posts are strong-key with the potential to send a traffic to the blog.Survey Blogging Survey blogging catch the audience to the blog because in this bloggers ask readers opinion by inserting a survey to answer or respond through comments or blog . Repost Blogging Take a post from another location and add only important part of that post and repost it as a blog.Interview Blogging • Publish videos as well as audios of an interview by blog. • You can also create a transcript of the interview and add to the blog.Event Blogging Here bloggers share idea, opinion from an event like meetings, conference with others who are not able to attend the event.Live Blogging Post about an ongoing event is Live Blogging. We can write about the event while the event is taking place. Classified Blogging • Post that identifies the requirement of a product that you are selling to others. Response Blogging A post which directly take attention of readers by responding to a challenging topic. Contact Blogging • Post which is about a person and which is making contact of that person. • This post is about to share the experience of a meeting.