social media marketing mistakes to avoid

how to avoid using social media and how to avoid social networking
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Published Date:09-03-2017
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10 MISTAKES OF 1. Not valuing audience’s time.Don’t Waste your audience time by useless posts on social media. Instead be observant about their time and serve them valuable posts.2. Wasting time on those who don’t want to listen.This is why understanding an audience is very important. If youdon’t know anything about your audience then all your efforts are going unrecognized.3. Putting all eggs in one basket.Depending too much on same platform is not a good idea. The more diverse your social media strategy is, the finer results you will get.4. Undermining traditional marketing strategies.Digital marketers often underestimate the probable of traditional marketing. Basically technology changes but peopledon’t. Hence it is important to getfamiliar with traditional tactics.5. Retreating social media efforts too soon.Don’t be impatient with social media. It will take a long time to build a social media community.6. Not rewarding active followers/fans.If you think your audience will participate on social media without any demand, then you are wrong. It is always important to reward the followers or fans.Paying for fake 7. followersBuying fake fans to support your profile is a mistake, resulting in account suspension.8. Lacking documented social media strategy.If you are not running the documented social media marketing strategy , then you are inescapable. It is impossible to run a marketing campaign without a plan. 9. Being blindfolded to the risk of social media crisis.No matter how observant you are, crisis will happen. Even the smallest mistake can gain the attention and go out of control if you fail to plan. If you tackle the situation then it is easier to walk out of the situation.10. Choosing the wrong social media voice.