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Consciousness and Cognitive Systems and environmental consciousness ppt and ecological consciousness ppt
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Intelligent Control and Cognitive Systems brings you... Consciousness and Cognitive Systems Joanna J. Bryson University of Bath, United KingdomConsciousness & Cognitive Systems Can an artificial cognitive system be • conscious? Who cares? • Why care? • What is consciousness in the first place? •KC Green, Gun Show, 513Cognitive Systems & Philosophy Science fiction uses robots and aliens to • examine the human condition; the future to examine the present. AI does the same thing. • ... but, AI is also real. • Well, some of it is real. • Some of it is tangled with Sci Fi. •Roadmap for Conscious Machines 5. Executive 1. (-1) Disembodied 6. Emotional 1. (0) Isolated 7. Self-conscious 1. Decontrolled 8. Empathic 2. Reactive 9. Social 3. Adaptive 10.Human-like 4. Attentional 11.Super Conscious Arrabales et al 2009Roadmap for Conscious Machines 1. (-1) Disembodied 1. (0) Isolated 1. Decontrolled 2. Reactive Sensing to action: intelligence 3. Adaptive 4. Attentional Unconsciousness is more conscious Arrabales et al 2009Roadmap for Conscious Machines 5. Executive multiple goals (unconscious 2) 6. Emotional “human like”??? 7. Self-conscious knows about self 8. Empathic knowledge (k) of others 9. Social k of other’s k of self 10.Human-like use Interweb to extend mind 11.Super Conscious multiple streamsConsciousness ?= Like ME From an AI & even Computer Science • perspective, many of these criteria are easy to achieve. E.g. perfect self knowledge. • Consciousness is easy but combinatorics is • hard – computational explanation for biological phenomenon of unconsciousness? Bryson, Philosophy Magazine, 2007What’s Consciousness? it is nor hand, nor foot, nor arm, nor SG5-UT Robotic Arm face, nor any other part belonging to a man. Tad McGeer's passive dynamic walker Glenn Matsumura, Wired 2007 Chuck Rosenberg’s IT, 1997If this can be a hand... ...what could a mind be like?Modelling Natural Intelligence One of the best ways • to understand how something works is to build it yourself. AI is used in scientific • modelling, but also in Philosophy. Dennett: “Intuition Pumps”Consciousness as per Dennett The term conscious is itself culturally • evolved. May not refer to any one psychological • phenomenon. Like light before modern physics. •Dennett vs. The Cartesian Theatre Consciousness cannot work by infinite • recursion. Must be composed of non-conscious • elements. Nothing inside you is conscious; you are. •Multiple Drafts / The Attentional Spotlight There are many candidate parallel • processes which could be conscious. Only one is – leaves trace in episodic • memory. Not necessarily determined in order, e.g. • if driving may ‘see’ something you hit only after you hear the bump. ∴ Not really conscious all the time? •Syst em sof t ware ( 0 t h) Syst em sof t ware ( commercial processor) Periperhal Mot ion Vergence Ullman-esque Physical schema Saccades based st ereo visual rout ines based obj. recog. “Building VOR Smoot h pursuit Face pop-out s Face remembering Face recognit ion Brains Head/ body/ eye/ coord Head/ eye coord Gest ure recognit ion Facial gest ure recog. Body mot ion recog. for Own hand t racking Specif ic obj. recog. Generic object recog. Bodies”, Bring hands Hand Grasping, Body-based met aphors midline linking & t ransfer Brooks DOF reduct ion DOF reduct ion Bat t ing st at ic & Stein (specific coords) (generic coords) object s Body st abilit y, Body+arm reaching Body mimicry (1993), leaning, rest ing Manipulat ion t urn t aking MIT AI Sound localizat ion Sound-based manip. Voice/ face assoc lab tech Sound/ mot ion correl Human voice ext ract ion Prot o language report Tone ident ificat ionVoice t urn t aking Visual imagery Symbolizat ion 1439. Ment al rehearsal Imaginat ion Mult iple-draf t s emergence Sept 1 Sept 1 Sept 1 Sept 1 Sept 1 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997Fill In and Confabulation Things like the driving story & the fact we are never aware of our blind spot unless we really go out of the way to test for it indicate we cannot trust our intuitions about consciousness. Dennett Critics Some people really hate these ideas. • Chalmers is the main anti-Dennett • champion. Chalmers’ Hard Problem: Explaining • qualia. How do you know someone else sees • red the same way you do?The Zombie Problem (seriously) A standard problem in philosophy: how • would you tell if someone wasn’t conscious? Dennett: the zombie idea is incoherent. • (likes Brooks, embodiment theory.) • Consciousness is what it’s like to act human. • There’s nothing else. • Critics: Dennett thinks we’re all zombies •Popular Theories of Consciousness Consciousness is self-awareness. • Consciousness requires language. • Consciousness is the root of ethical • obligation / a soul. Consciousness is a special pattern of • energy (Dahaene) Consciousness is a special level of • information integration (Tononi)What People Like in Consciousness Theories We’ll never understand consciousness. • We will understand it, but not in 100 years. • I have a quantitative, scientific measure of • consciousness, but it will take 60 years until we can check if I’m right (Tononi). Only humans are conscious. •

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