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email etiquette ppt presentation and ppt email etiquettes presentation
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Published Date:09-03-2017
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EmailInvest in an Email Marketing System Outlook doesn’t shine when it comes to efficiency or deeply under standing client Segment audience Divide your overall list into groups based on shared behaviorTest Open Times Find out when your clients are paying more attention Always Send Email “from” You Emails coming from real people as corporate identities are more likely to get openedCreate a killer Spend 50% of your time crafting a subject line that will get your email opened Serve, Don’t Sell Use email to build relationships, not sell productsYou have one Second State a clear purpose in the first 7 words of emailLess is More Don’t write a Novel. It won’t be read, and your purpose will be lost in the clutterDevelop your Email Signature Email signatures are no less important than business cards. They speak volumes about your competenceSocial Channel Include your LinkedIn , Facebook, Twitter, or other profiles in your email signatures.Thank you Find us at