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Published Date:09-03-2017
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Tips To Be Remembered For Start-up BusinessTell a lot of people about your idea and thinking Mostly people never talk to others about their ideas, due to afraid of stealing idea. Don't worry about stealing your idea, if you worry, then no one will be care about.Choose that idea for which you are passionate. Never take that idea in which you are also confused. Don’t take risk. Never think, there is more time we will do it tomorrow.• Try to tackle those hard problem that the world face. • Build something new that people want. Try to make that type of thing that people want which is something new.Be honest, open, bold. Should also know your strength and weakness, are self awareness that show maturity and humility. It is also necessary to emphasize your problem. • Always be transparent • As a founder you should know your strengths & weakness. • When possible solve your own problem.• Take advice from those people, who have come before you. If you think some new idea so take suggestion. sometime it not necessary, may it help you. Find a co-founder with complementary skills, but not more than three. As you know your weakness so choose a co-founder who are expert in that area, this is reason of choosing co-founder. Select co-founder wisely• Conduct design and development sprints. • Carefully craft what type of company culture you want. Make good design and development, you can take help from Google, it has fine tips on doing design sprints. Try to make craft carefully.Spend a lot of time in hiring the best people. Make employee feel part of team, make them feel special. Early employee are like your co-founder. Feel risk to join you, they should believe in your vision. Always be select talent and cultural fit people. Make people feel part of team and they are very special for company and caring of themCreate a list of KPI’s(key performance indicator) TO TRACK remember & accountability. But in beginning KPI’s are in short list. For measuring success and accountability. Data and numbers that will meaningfully drive your business forward and can tell you right away to the health of your business at any given point of time.• Focus on the potential growth markets of your company and that you are going to dominate. You should be expert on markets. Show off big images that you have decide or going to be dominated. • Always be updated on social media & Google about your idea. Read a lots of content try to know what is the best. because sometimes its seems some people thinks their idea is very unique. They assume that if they never heard about that it can’t be big like that. So always be updated on social media & Google about your thoughts and ideas.• Treat your early customers like they are God & Goddess. • Be profound about customer services. Don’t scale the beginning of your start up. These early users are probably fringe user anyhow, so treat them well as they are taking chance on you. In a company everyone should radical for customer services. Keep your users always be happy• Pay attention to your early competitors • Always set goals for yourself and your company. Always pay attention to your early competitors. They impact your customer. It affects your company. Inattentive always be harmful for anybody. Never do that, and always set goals for yourself and your company, it will good for your company.• These four things should be have : Eliminate, Liberate, Delegate, Automate Eliminate, liberate, delegate , automate these all are very tactful and practical. A famous writer gave his view, everyone got a bigger vision to play when you look at all things he will get and going on. • Take time to reflect • Take the efforts to build a personal brand. Its very important to take time to review yourself. Reflection and introspection are sign of maturity. Always give your best to make personal brand but sometime it becomes so difficult just make a web presence that you can show the world who you are..Always keep meticulous records. Setting up processes and structures both in personal and professional records keeping will make your life much easier when tax session rolls around you.Avoid These Steps To Start Ups • Deny to have a marketing budget, for as long as possible. Focus on building a bomb diggity product, so give your best to let the product speak itself. Because if you don’t have that right , no amount of marketing line will help you. • But if you need to pursue investment capital, fundraise when you so don’t need it. • Never ask investor to sign NDA(Non Disclosure Agreement). When your company is doing well and you don’t need the cash but want infusion of capital to grow and penetrate new market Investor to see many deals and are in no way interested in having to sign an NDA to have conversation about your business. Just shows naiveté and is red flag.• Read pitch hacks before you pitch your idea to any investors. • Update your investor monthly. Pitching Hacks shows you how to apply the simple lessons we’ve learned along the way. Investor updating are really important. Don’t take it be lightly. Always update your investor monthly

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