How to memorize faster and easier for exams

effective study habits for college students pdf and how to memorize faster and longer for exams
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Published Date:29-06-2017
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The -Step 11 Study Schedule Strategy That Actually WorksDo you find yourself procrastinating a lot when trying to study? Do you find yourself procrastinating a lot when trying to study? Can you not keep up with the amount of materials with your current study schedule? Then it’s time for a study schedule that works Find out your learning style 1Find out your learning style 1 If you don’t know how you learn best, it will be impossible for you to learn efficiently at all.• Visual learner - Images and a sense of spatiality help you get a grip on things. • Aural learner - You pick up things by hearing and listening closely. • Verbal learner - Using words in writing and speech comes natural to you. • Physical learner - You prefer using your body, touching things with your hands. • Logical learner - You like to sort things logically, create systems and are a very reasonable person. No matter which of these you are, you can fall into one of two groups: solitary learner or social learner Set realistic study goals 2Set realistic study goals 2 Pick a very simple goal for your semester. Your goal shouldn’t depend on others. It must be something you can control.Create a list of all the tiny actions you need to take towards your goal.You know your list is good when you have a lot of items on it and when your items take an hour or less.Make study time a part of your daily routine 3Make study time a part of your daily routine 3 Block the time in your calendar, give yourself at least an hour each day to complete one of your tiny action items.Structure your study time 4Structure your study time 4 3 to 4 hours of focused study time are worth much more than 8 hours where you neither really study nor actually relax.Create your own study zone 5Create your own study zone 5 Your study zone should be clean and distraction-free.Try to have at least two study zones, so you can switch in case you need to.Take notes depending on your learning style 6

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