Cognitive science Artificial intelligence ppt

cognitive science introduction ppt and cognitive linguistics as a science ppt
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Published Date:13-07-2017
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INTRODUCTION TO COGNITIVE SCIENCE Mary ET Boyle, Ph.D. Department of Cognitive Science UCSDCognitive science is: the INTERDISCIPLINARY scientific study of mind and its processes. COGNITIONHow is information processed? reasoning emotion memory language perceptionHow is information transformed and represented ?Neuroscience Philosophy The Mind Computer Linguistics scienceThe MindPhilosophyMetaphysics Plato Cogito ergo sum Descartes Theory of Mind Locke “A Treatise of Human Nature” Hume “The Critique of Pure Reason” Kant Monads & Symbolic Thought Leibniz Theory of mindComputer scienceArtificial Neural Nets Pitts Models of computation McCulloch Turing Test Turing Architecture von Neumann Generative Grammar Chomsky Formal characterization of thought Minsky Artificial IntelligenceLinguisticsInnate or Learned? Acquisition Representation Abstraction Meaning from context Pragmatics Formal grammar Chomsky It is all in the genes Pinker Experience based learning Elman LanguageNeuroscienceNature v Nurture Learning Representation in brain Memory Sensory input  perceive Perception Represents brain output Behavior Visualize brain activity Imaging Understanding of system Disorders NeurosciencePERCEPTION ACTION THINKINGDecision Chip Making Implants COGNITIVE SCIENCE IS EVERYWHERE Virtual Brain Reality Computer Therapy InterfaceHow do we select an appropriate action, given our goals?Brain Computer Interface

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