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Published Date:24-03-2017
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How To Be A GoodEmployeeBe Professional The more you try to be professional, the better your chances will be to create a positive reputation for yourself Seek good relationship with people in your organization Treat all co-workers with courtesy, respect and kindness because they hold more power than you realizeMaintain a clean job performance record Do a good job, show up on time, keep good attendance historyBe on time Be atleast 15 minutes early everydayBe Part of The SolutionWork Quietly Quit gossiping. Your boss is not paying you to gossip. Little chatting is inevitable and desirable. But spending much time with your co-worker with your previous evening’s adventure will not make your boss love you Try To Be More Productive Get the work done quickly and move on to the next thing as soon as possibleHold your head high and be confidentBe Active In Projects Don't worry about who gets credit - your boss knows much more than you think. Be a team player.Offer Junior Employees Guidance And Encouragement. Be a mentor. If you are not sure someone understood something, be willing to ask if they need assistance.Acceptance Don't argue a lot. if you found something wrong, try to understand your boss's perspective, but without arguing. Use a good and quiet way to understand the problem point.Be appreciative, always say thank you whenever a boss or a co-worker does something good to youBe Self MotivatedFOLLOW US ON:-