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Business Communication Using Visual Aids and business communication and ethical context ppt
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Published Date:22-07-2017
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Business Communication Using Visual Aids www.ThesisScientist.comThe purpose of visual aids 1. Generating & holding audience interest 2. Increasing audience recall 3. Clarifying & emphasizing information 4. Adding credibility & persuasiveness www.ThesisScientist.comGenerating & maintaining audience interest www.ThesisScientist.comIncreasing audience recall  The more senses involved in a communication transaction the more likely the receiver is to understand the sender’s message and remember it. www.ThesisScientist.comClarifying Information www.ThesisScientist.comAdding credibility & persuasiveness  Oral presentation with visual support is more persuasive and more effecitve from the audience’s viewpoint than are those without visual support. The audience is more likely to approve the ideas of the person’s using visual aids. www.ThesisScientist.comwww.ThesisScientist.comWhy use visual aids? www.ThesisScientist.comMany possible types of visual aids  Overhead Transparencies (OHT, Acetate)  Slides  Flip Charts and Posters  Objects and Models  Handouts  Whiteboards and Chalkboards  Computer Assisted Audiovisuals (PPT)  Audio or Video (tapes, CDs, DVDs…) www.ThesisScientist.comFlip Charts  For briefing small groups  Can be used to record audience comments and questions  Not suitable for a use in large audience settings www.ThesisScientist.comFlip Charts  Useful in extended presentations where ideas are changed through interaction with the audience  Vital in group brainstorming sessions where ideas must be recorded, narrowed, and solidified in front of the group  Make sure the information is large enough for the entire audience to see www.ThesisScientist.comPosters  Smaller audience sizes (except for marketing)  Posters are permanent and removable  Eloberate posters require extensive preparation and may be costly www.ThesisScientist.comPosters and Flipcharts Advantages  Can be placed close to audiences  They can provide interactive communication  They can stand alone without explanation  They can remain displayed to remind listeners of key concepts www.ThesisScientist.comOverhead Transparencies  For audience of 20 to 50 people  Necessity when giving a presentation in a room not equipped with a computer projection system  Old fashioned in some industries www.ThesisScientist.comTransparencies  Advantages of transparencies – Projection equipment is simple and dependable – Speakers need not turn their backs to the audience – They work in well-lit rooms – Easily stored and carried – Easily produced – Can be eliminated during the speechTransparencies  Guidelines  Number transparencies  Maintain eye contact with the audience  Point on the projector, not screen  Keep relevant information hidden until needed  Turn projector light off when not in use www.ThesisScientist.comHandouts  Their use allows speakers to go into depth on some points while skimming over others  They can be especially useful for complex presentations  They provide something for audience members to take with them for future reference  Handouts give a sense of security and ownership to speakers www.ThesisScientist.comHandouts  Guidelines  Be sure about the quality  Include helpful lists, maps, tables etc  Be sure thay are up to date  Decide how to deal with them during the presentation www.ThesisScientist.comComputer presentations (ppt)  Many types of audiences  Inexpensive and customizable  Needs to be well-prepared www.ThesisScientist.comTips for using slides  Use bullet statements when possible (no more than 7 per slide)  Avoid too much verbiage and clutter  Keep it simple (less is more)  Keep sound effects to a minimum

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