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academic failure to success stories and achieving success through failure and biggest failure in life turning into most successful persons
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Published Date:08-03-2017
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9 Habits That Can Change Your Failure Into Success If you have tried to establish daily routines but failed, “ so don’t feel bad.”• Your struggle is common one… don’t be panic. • If you want to overcome these struggle then you have to understand the behind daily routines.An average person makes more than 200 decisions about success and on other things every day, many of which are made unconsciously.• There are nine steps explained here ……… • The habits are not a quick and easy formula for success. But together they form a powerful model for personal change and leading change.Be Proactive • Change start from their inward, but it seems highly effective people make the decision to improve their lives through the outwards things in which they can dominate rather than by simply reacting to external force.Always keep In Mind.. Begin with The End • Develop a principle-centered for personal goal achievement. • Extend the goal achievement into long-terms goals based on personal principle.Put Always First Things First • Give time doing what fits into your personal goal, recognize the proper balance between production and building production capacity.Continued…. • Analyze the key roles that you really want to take in your life and try to make time for each of them.Multitasking Is Not Effective • Multitasking is regarded as a faulty practice that cause you to get less done, not more done.Think Always About Win…Win Agreements and Relationships are mutually beneficial. sometimes where “win-win” deal can not be achieved. Accept the fact that agreeing to make “No Deal” may be the best alternatives.Continued…….. In developing an organizational culture, be sure to reward win, behavior among employees and avoid rashly rewarding either win or loose behavior.Seek First To Understand, Then To Be Understood. • Firstly understand the other person and only then try to be understood. It is the most important principle of interpersonal relation.Continued…. • Rather, it is putting oneself in the outlook of other person, listening by compensating for both feeling and meaning.Synergize • Through mutual trust and understanding, one can solve problems and find a better solution and would have been obtain through either person’s own solution.Ego Depletion • Ego depletion refers to the idea that self- control or willpower draw upon a limited pool of mental resources that can be used up.Sharpen the saw • Spend time out from production to build production capacity over personal renewal of the physical, mental, social/emotion and spiritual magnitude. • Maintain a balance among these magnitudes.• Learning a new habit is not easy. It takes time and practice. For most of us this is a big ask But if you're willing to make the time and put in the practice then analyze these points is the best place to start.You can find us at

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