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google search engine optimization ppt and search engine optimization techniques ppt and what is search engine optimization ppt
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Published Date:28-03-2017
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WORLD’S LIFETIME FREE SEO SERVICEINNOVATIVE SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATIONI-SEO stands for“Innovative Search engine optimization”.Itistheprocessofimprovingthe volumeandqualityoftraffictoawebsitefrom search engines via“natural”(“organic” or “algorithmic”) search results for targeted keywords through I-SEO software.It’s totally different from traditional SEO Services. By using ISEO , we can also perform the SEO of BlogsandYoutubeChannels.I-SEO PROCESSISEO is free of cost but SEO is very costly.ISEO is very less time consuming as compared to SEO. It can be done in a day while manual SEO takes at least 6 months. By using ISEO , we can also perform the SEO of Blogs and YouTube Channels.ISEO does not involve high level dedication and effort on behalf of your SEO Team but in SEO, all work is done manually so more effort is required.By ISEO, we can handle the tedious and time consuming tasks ( i.e. site audits etc.) very easily because it is automated.By ISEO, it becomes quite easy to analyze your competitors backlinks, keywords density, tags and meta- content but this task is not easy by SEO.We are able to check for broken links or keyword density, tags and meta-content in large websites and in a very short time by using ISEO but in SEO, it is not possible.By ISEO, you will be able to get accurate and up-to-date data on your keywords rankings but by SEO, you will be not sure, the data is up-to-date or not.ISEO schedule your tasks which saves your time but SEO does not do this.How I-SEO Of A Website Can Be Done?Register and Submit your URL 1 Register your Website URL for Free SEO in our automated tool I-SEO. Our team member will update you about each step of your SEO process.Start Keyword Analyzation 2 After URL submission, Automated I- SEO tool will start Keyword Analyzation automatically. It will choose best keywords from billions of keywords that exists in our corpus. It will also compare your website keywords with the competitive website Keywords.Create and submit SiteMap.xml 3 Our automated I-SEO tool will create a SiteMap.xml file for fast indexing. It will submit this file to the webmaster tools (Google, Bing etc.)Analyzing, Ranking and Traffic 4 Now automated I-SEO tool will analyze the ranking of your website with the competitive websites. It will intelligently monitor the visitors of your website. Intelligently measure your website ranking according to Traffic.