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career awareness lesson plans and career counseling goals and objectives
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Competitive exams & Career Awareness Competitive Exams How to begin How can SPIPA After Graduation? Preparation? help? • UPSC, Bank • SPIPA is a Government body, that provides free • Staff Selection coaching, after • Defense Services admission through • GPSC entrance for Guj. Domicile studentsTypes of “Free” Seminar for career awareness & competitive exams Sweet talkers & Bitter realities Motivational speakers •All of you will become •Will provide info on how IAS & District to start preparation. collectors •Not all will become •Only motivation type annual IAS intake speech. 180, collector 700 •But no info. About what •But hardworking person to read exactly?  can find a good Government job, through competitive exams. Annual competitive exams at National level : 55,000+ (major exams) BANK CLERKS 19789 SBI CLERKS 17140 BANK OFFICERS 8822 SBI OFFICERS PLUS 2313 SSC CGL 2017 1. Railway, 3805 2. Sainik, Navik CDS OFFICER 1000 3. GPSC LIC OFFICERS 650 === ENGINEERING SERVICES 609 UPSC CIVIL SERVICES 1100 2 lakh+ annual 2016-17Topic1: After Graduation- Major exams by UPSC Civil Services Technical grad. Uniformed Services •Forest •CAPF IAS/IPS…24 services •Engineer •CDS depending on •Economic •CMS (Medical) merit, preference, vacancies. •Statistical •GeologistsUPSC Civil Services Exam: Top-3 Services (annual intake) IAS (180) IPS (150) IFS (45) rd •Asst. Collector / SDM •ASP ACP •3 Secretary nd •DDO •SP DCP •2 •Collector •… •… •… •DGP •Ambassador •Chief Secretary, Cabinet •BSF, CRPF.. •Post Retd.: Shivsankar Secretary Menon, Hamid Ansari •Post Retd: Ajit Doval •Post-retirement: (NSA), MK Narayana Governors/ Chairman (Gov-Bengal)Eyesight: upto 6D glasses, even LASIK permitted. IPS IAS and limit • IPS is only for Haryana and North India. • Misinformation, inferio rity complex, scare tactics UPSC Civil services- one exam, and 24 services. Top-3 most prestigious services Scare tactics • Mostly sent to choice of state, or near by state. •1. IAS: “cadre” • Bunglow, car, staf other amnesties available. •3. IPS: “cadre” • Deputation: State -union; Country-MEA, Passport office •2. IFS (Foreign): “Region” • IFS- must know foreign language, political sci. Revenue (IRS) Assistant commissioner (Gr.A) •6. Custom-Excise Asst. Inspectors commissioner (Group B & C)- •8. Income Tax Group A (UPSC) SSC-CGLUPSC-CSE: only one exam, 24 services on merit, preference Corporate related? •19. Indian Corporate Law Service ,Group "A“: •18. Indian Trade Service, Group "A" Account •5. Audit & Accounts including UN postings •11. Civil Accounts (upto CGA) • Min. graduation in •13. Railway Accounts any stream. •7. Defense Accounts • Not necessary to be B.Com, CA, MBA •4. P&T Accounts & FinanceUPSC-CSE: Group-A remaining services Communication related • 10. Postal Service • 17. Information Service (jr. grade)- DD, AIR... Other -Railway • 12. Railway Traffic Service,Group "A“ • 14. Railway Personnel Service,Group "A“ • 15. Railway protection force: physical std- like IPS Other- Defense • 9. Ordinance factory Administrative • 16. Defense estate like cantonment muni.commissionerGroup “B” services 55k per month 20. Armed Forces HQ • Promotion & nomination to 21. DANiCS- Civil services IAS/IPS by 14-17 years service. 22. DANiPS- Police services • Andaman Nicobar Posting- max 3-5 23. Pondicherry Civil Service years in entire career. scare- 24. Pondicherry Police Service tacticsUPSC CSE: Age counted on 1st August, Min. age 21 Category Age Attempt General 32 6 OBC +3=35 9 Upper SC/ST +5=37 ageCivil services Exam: 2017 last date to apply is over BUT Any stream graduate can appear, irrespective min. %. external, ATKT, small college …doesn‟t matter. Online Application for 2018 Prelims (MCQ) th 7 Feb Prelim Result & DAF Form 2018 3rd June Mains (Descriptive) 2018 Aug-2018? Interview st 1 Oct • No Certi Required. (5 days) • Last Year/Sem.can Certi. Required apply…YES 1. Graduation 2. Category Final selection on combined marks of Mains and Interview 3. PHUPSC Civil services exam 2016 1099 Final x 3 2961 Selected for Interview x15 15445 Selected for Mains 500000 Appeared in Prelims 1136000 Applied for Exam You‟re JBPS because somewhere here only Rs.100 feeScholarship scheme by Government of Gujarat & SPIPA Advertisement in June/July Entrance - Admission in SPIPA-Till Prelim Clearing Prelim 2000 x 7 Clearing Mains =14,000 Girl: 30,000 Final List Topper Girl: 30,000 Boy: 25,000 (+ Free Girl: 61,000 Boy: 25,000 Education) Boy: 51,000 All categories eligible, no income ceiling, Gujarat Domicile required. You can get for max 3 trials.UPSC CSE-2016: 15 Toppers from SPIPA, Felicitation by Hon'ble CM of Gujarat on Jun-13-2017 Why only 15? AIR Rank Inferiority Complex 197 SCARE Tactics AIR Rank 170 AIR Rank AIR Rank 67 5UPSC CSE: Stage1 Prelims MCQ Paper set in English & Hindi Paper 1 Paper 2 (General (Aptitude Studies) / CSAT) 100 Qs 200 80 MCQs200 marks 2 hours marks 2 hours Negative marks Negative marks for wrong for wrong answers answers Only 33% Prelim to Mains qualifying selected decided marks, Not from this score counted for resultUPSC CSE: Stage2: Mains Exam – Descriptive Papers Not counted Counted in in Merit Merit Indian Essay Paper Language Compulsory GS1 to 4 English Optional (1 subject, 2 papers) Detailed Syllabus: UPSC Website LINK. 300 Marks Each Min. 25% Passing Marks 250 Marks EachPick any 1 out of following optional subjects for mains Same subject Graduation not required. •Engineer: history •BA: mathematics But, should be chosen as per interest level, guidanc e.. Maths: English: 60/100 Scaling System 100/100Mains medium doubts Essay & GS (1-4) papers Optional Mech. Engineering Suppose he decided English medium Will have to write in English only. Essay & GS (1-4) papers Optional Gujarati literature Suppose he decided English medium Will have to write in this in Gujarati script only. Mains Interview He can give interview in English, Hindi, Guj. Depending on Suppose he wrote in English his choice, but has to declare in DAF (Mains-application form)Why UPSC/ national level interview medium should be Hindi / English Gujarati: translators are of poor quality. Gujarati: Panel may permit hindi/ English but marks still poor than “official English”. Working level Hindi/ English sufficient. You don’t need to be extremely fluent.

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