Poverty alleviation programmes ppt

Government Programmes for Poverty Alleviations and tourism and poverty alleviation ppt
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Published Date:25-07-2017
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CPT Section C General Economics Chapter6 Unit II CA. Dipti Lunawat Absolute & Relative Party Poverty in India Causes of Poverty Government Programmes for Poverty Alleviations Relative Poverty Related to Not related to Income or Income or Consumption Consumption Distribution Distribution Absolute poverty Less Developed countries Consumption Standard is Laid Poor who falls below Minimum Standard Measured as No. or % of such poor Absolute Poverty Developed countries No Consumption Standard is Laid Based on Income or consumption Expenditure Gini Co- Efficient is used Relative Poverty Absolute Poverty Poverty Line Fails to reach Minimum Consumption ‘Task Force on Projections of Minimum Needs and Effective Consumption Demand’ Rural Area Urban Area Daily Consumption Daily Consumption Less than 2400 Less than 2100 calories calories ‘Task Force on Projections of Minimum Needs and Effective Consumption Demand’ Monthly Cut off Points Rural Area Urban Area Rs. 76 Rs. 88 st NSSO 61 Round Uniform Recall Mixed Recall Period Period 30 days recall / 365 days recall / Reference Period Reference Period Sl. no. Category 1993-94 2004-05 By URP Method % % 1. Rural 37.3 28.3 2. Urban 32.4 25.7 3. All India 36.0 27.5 By MRP Method 1999-2000 2004-05 4. Rural 27.1 21.8 5. Urban 23.6 21.7 6. All India 26.1 21.8 Nodal Agency Expert Group under Chairmanship of Suresh D. Tendulkar Poverty Estimates to be based on MRP National Poverty Line at 2004-05 Monthly Monthly Consumption Consumption Expenditure Expenditure Rs. 446.68 in Rural Rs. 578.80 in Urban Area Area Table 9 : Poverty Ratio (by MRP Method) 1993–94 2004–05 Rural 50.1 41.8 Urban 31.8 25.7 Total 45.3 37.2 Reduction In Poverty Over all Poverty Ratio Rural Urban 2007 19.3% 21.1% 15.1% 2012 11% N.A N.A Poor in terms of Poverty Index of Multi Dimensional Living Standards, .296 with a rank of Poverty Line MPL Health & Education 119 (169 countries) Other Causes Political & Social Causes Economic Causes Economic Low income in Backwardness or Agriculture Stagnation Sector Inhibitions & Political handicaps vested arising from Interests Caste and Religion Family Size and Family Consumption Poor Levels of Education and Skills Lack of Motivation Feudalistic System of Bonded Labour Central Aim of Economic Planning Poverty Alleviation and Raising the Average Standard of Living

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