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Published Date:09-03-2017
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MARKETING The management process through which goods and services move from concept to the customer.It includes the coordination of four elements called the 4 P's of marketing: (1) identification, selection and development of a Product, (2) determination of its Price, (3) selection of a distribution channel to reach the customer's Place, (4) development and implementation of a Promotional strategy.Benefits of Marketing Increases visibility of your brand  Develops lasting relationships with your audience  Improves brand awareness and recognition  Creates loyalty and trust, with both your current customers and prospects  Helps you to build authority and credibilityContinued..  Positions your business as an expert in your industry  Generates traffic to your site to improve lead generation  Opens a channel of communication through social shares and comments  Helps your customer move through the purchase decision more quickly  Provides value with no strings attachedTYPES OF MARKETINGDigital Marketing Digital marketing is the promotion of products or brands via one or more forms of electronic media and differs from traditional marketing in that it involves the use of channels and methods that enable an organization to analyze marketing campaigns and understand what is working and whatisn’t– typically in real time.Online Marketing Online marketing refers to the techniques available to a business to market, promote and advertise their products, services or brand on the World Wide Web. There are two main sub channels of online marketing that utilize different angles to help a business promote themselves online.Offline Marketing Offline marketing strategies utilize offline media channels to create awareness of a company's products and services. These campaigns can include radio and print advertising– including billboards, signs and pamphlets– telemarketing, and television ads.Word of Mouth Marketing An unpaid form of promotion in which satisfied customers tell other people how much they like a business, product or service.E-Mail Marketing In the broadest sense, every email sent to a potential or current customer could be considered email marketing. It usually involves using email to send advertisements, request business, or solicit sales or donations, and is meant to build loyalty, trust,or brand awareness.Event Marketing Event marketing describes the process of developing a themed exhibit, display, or presentation to promote a product, service, cause, or organization leveraging in-person engagement. Events can occur online or offline, and can be participatedin, hosted, or sponsored.Relationship marketing It is a facet of customer relationship management (CRM) that focuses on customer loyalty and long-term customer engagement rather than shorter-term goals like customer acquisition and individual sales.Content Marketing Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience— and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.Article Marketing Article marketing is one of the oldest strategies used by online marketers to acquire new visitors and increase sales on their websites.... The fundamental purpose of article marketing is to attract wider online audiences and increase the number of sales opportunities for products or services offered on websites.Social Media Marketing Social media marketing is the use of social media platforms and websites to promote a product or service. Most of these social media platforms have their own built-in data analytics tools, which enable companies to track the progress, success, and engagement of ad campaigns.Business to Business Marketing B2B (business-to-business) marketing is marketing of products to businesses or other organizations for use in production of goods, for use in general business operations (such as office supplies), or for resale to other consumers, such as a wholesaler selling to a retailer.Any questions? You can find us at

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