Volcanoes powerpoint

powerpoint presentation on volcanoes and volcanism and diastrophism ppt
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Published Date:26-07-2017
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Natural Catastrophic eventsvolcanism earthquake TsunamiGeomorpho complete sequence of processes of creation and movement of magma + Volcanism creation of volcanic landforms Volcanism is not random Reason associated with volcanism is also not randomDistribution of Volcanism st • 1 • Pacific Ring of Fire • O-O convergence • O-C convergencePlate movements O-O : Volcanic arc O-C :Volcanic mountainsMid Oceanic Ridge nd 2 • O-O divergence • Basaltic – peaceful eruption Mediterranean volcanism th 3 • Breaking up of Mediterranean plates into multiple blocks • Andesitic eruption • Frequent interaction • Mt. Etna, Mt. VesuviusHistory of Mediterranean sea • Mediterranean sea is residual part of Tethys sea • Tethys sea was located between – Laurasia and Gondwana • Collision of Africa to Laurasia – breaking up of plates of Mediterranean sea Hot Spot Volcanoes th • 4 • Magma From deep interior -Basaltic • Fixed place - Plate movement – Island arc • Direction of plate • Hawaii, Reunion, Kurile, Aleutian Aleutian Islandscomparison Basaltic eruption Andesitic eruption Occur at mid-oceanic Volcanic arcs, volcanic ridge and hot spot mountains volcanism Andesite – less fluid – less Basalt highly fluid – mobile mobile Solidifies at short Spread across easily distance- intense pressure develop inside –explosive Quite eruptioncomparison Basaltic eruption Andesitic eruptionVolcanic Landforms Volcanic plateau Extrusive Volcanic cones Landforms Intrusive Dykes etc.Intrusive LandformsIntrusive Volcanic Landforms Intrusive Landforms Intrusion of Magma in sedimentary rocks Sills (Horizontal) Dyke (Vertical) Laccolith – magma which could not come out Lopolith – saucer-shaped Phacolith – shape like waves Batholith – intrusive granitic rockExtrusive volcanic Landforms Volcanic Shield Plateau volcano Extrusive Volcanic Cinder vol. cones Composite vol.Lava plateaus • Hot spot volcano on continental crust • Cracks on continental crust –Basaltic eruption • Spread across the land • Layer over layer • EX. Deccan lava trappsIndian Deccan trap • Indian plate passed over a hot spot near Reunion Island • Basaltic eruption • Layer over layers – looks like steps = Deccan lava traps • Soil – black soil ‘regur’Spatial distribution of Lava PlateauList of lava plateaus of the world • Columbia-snake Deccan plateau, India plateau, USA • Arabian plateau • Ozark plateau, USA • Balkan plateau, Europe • Parana-Patagonia, S. • Siberian plateau, America Russia • Adamawa plateau, • Yunan Plateau, China Africa • Shan plateau, Myanmar • Bie plateau, Africa • Kimberly plateau, • Katanga Plateau, Australia Africa

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