Stress management ppt for students

stress management definition ppt and occupational stress management ppt
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Published Date:17-07-2017
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Time and Stress Management Strategies & Resources Study Skills for Success Time Management Strategies Get a Road Map Example: March 6-April 8 Make every moment count… Set reasonable, detailed goals For example To do: •  Write paper for BUSA 100. Instead… To do: •  Write paper for BUSA 100. Select topic for paper. Find books on topic. Write introduction. Trick your brain into efficiency What does that mean? •  Blocks of study time and breaks •  Make rewards •  Dedicated study spaces •  Weekly reviews •  Review notes and readings just before class •  Review lecture notes right after class •  Prioritize your assignments Avoid procrastination •  Why do you want to do this? •  What will happen if you don't progress? •  Avoid distractions and escapes •  Get a buddy Old Adages •  It's not how much you read but rather what you read •  It's not how much time you spend doing something, it's how productive you are during the time you allocated to achieve something •  Time is money Discussion •  What are your most effective time management techniques? •  What strategies do you use to avoid procrastination? Additional time management resources •  Create a simple "To Do" list, see: •  Daily/weekly planner •  Long term planner •  Try McGill s Assignment Calculator (5 Steps to a Better Paper), see: steps// •  Try this exercise in time management, see: http://www.studygs.n0et/schedule/ Stress Management Stress Management First, recognize stress •  Stress symptoms include mental, social, and physical manifestations Stress Management is the ability to maintain control when situations, people, and events make excessive demands Stress management strategies •  Remove yourself from the stressful situation •  Avoid extreme reactions •  Set realistic goals for yourself •  Get enough sleep •  Change the way you see your situation •  Set priorities •  Try to "use" stress Stress management strategies •  Selectively change the way you react •  Discover new relaxation techniques •  Don't sweat the small stuff •  Avoid self-medication or escape •  Take control of the situation •  Exercise & eat well •  Try to be positive Most importantly •  If stress is putting you in an unmanageable state or interfering with your schoolwork, social and/or work life, seek professional help Discussion •  What are your most effective stress management techniques? •  What strategies do you use to avoid stress?

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