How to prepare stage and deliver winning Presentations

how to prepare stage and deliver winning presentations pdf how to prepare and deliver an oral presentation to a live audience
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Published Date:08-07-2017
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How to prepare and deliver a presentation Roberto Cipolla Department of Engineering The problem? Effective Communication What do you want to achieve? • Educate and inform • Inspire/interest and persuade • Entertain • Must grab and hold attentionReinforce with Visualization Audience retain more if hear and seeReinforce with Visualization Hear See Hear and See 60 10 20 30 40 50 Recall (%) Audience retain more if hear and seeFear of public speaking • Public Speaking • Heights • Insects • Financial Problems • Deep Water • Sickness • Death • Flying • Loneliness • DogsOutline • Preparation • Structure of the presentation • Visual aids and slides • Practice and delivery2. Planning and PreparationPlanning • Purpose - why and what? • Audience – who and where?Planning • Know your subject • Develop a theme • List the key concepts and points to convey • Begin to think about ways of illustrating the key points • Max of 1 slide per minute, 4 key points in 45 minute presentation3. Structure of presentationThe Structure • Opening – Tell them what you are going to tell them • Body – Tell them • Summary – Tell them what you told themStructure - openingStructure - opening • Need a strong beginning • Few seconds to convince audience: – I will not waste your time – I am well organized – I know who you are – I know my subjectStructure - opening • Introduce problem to be addressed and context • State purpose, scope and main message • Give outline of presentationStructure – main body • Make a story board • Break up with each section making a key point • Present incrementally, concisely and in logical order • Illustrate with clear examples and visual aidsStructure – main body .Structure - closing • Must have a clear end to talk • Brief and simple summary of main points • Reinforce the main message • Put in context of the “big picture”4. Visual AidsSlides • Header – headline for main point • Body - one point, keep it simple - don’t overcrowd with bullets and details

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