How do Amazon drones work

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Published Date:24-03-2017
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Book Delivery DroneFlirtey • "Flirtey is the world's first altered flying vehicle delivery technology”. • Flirtey co-founder and Zookal CEO is Ahmed Haider.Purpose Purpose of this device is to reduce postal costs and avoid the problem of missed deliveries by tracking the location of the recipient's mobile phone.This flying delivery vehicle earlier was only available to the military and universities. Now it is adjust and manufactured again ,so that anybody can order any goods or services.How are Order place? Orders are placed using a Smartphone app, then Zookal packages them and the notification sent to the customer's phone firstly rather than their address.Commercial drones are going to become as universal as aeroplanes in the sky are right now.Features • Flirty is Six battery-powered rotors control flight, which can continue even when one isn't working. • Flirtey is also called hexacopter, if it lose any one rotor in that condition it will not stop. Continue.. If flirty lose any one battery it will be continue with other batteries.Continue.. When the Flirty arrives to its location it drift above the location and drone the parcel to the consumer. Follow us on:-