Vastu shastra in Architecture ppt

basic vastu tips for house and home design according to vastu shastra and house plan according to vastu shastra
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Published Date:09-03-2017
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Career success VastuCareer is important for every person after their study. To shine their career and to achieve high sky one should be aware of every phase of life that can return good results.According to Vastu every person should follow some norms.One should work facing north or east 1 always because North is the direction of positive energy.2 Do not work under uncovered beam.3 Avoid bathrooms on East, North- East and north side.4 Avoid staircase on North-East side at work place.5 There should not be wall opposite to the main door of office or home.6 Do not Face Bathroom door while working.7 There should not be bathroom wall behind your sitting place in office. 8 Avoid kitchen at North- East side at home or office.9 Sit facing the door in the office.10 In the office hang a picture of mountains behind you.11 Place the computer on your right side in the office .