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Published Date:14-07-2017
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Recent Advances in Virtual Worlds for Science and Technology Research and Development Walt Scacchi Center for Computer Games and Virtual Worlds Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences University of California, Irvine Overview • Recent virtual world projects for Science or Technology R&D • Future opportunities for virtual worlds for science and technology R&DStrategies for Creating Value with Virtual Worlds • Creating game-based learning environments with virtual worlds – “Play” and experiential behavior are surprisingly effective way to audition, rehearse, act, fail, and learn – Mixed reality worlds can link virtual and physical activities – Virtual worlds are best at providing new experiences • Virtual work practices • Not the same as existing work practices • Need to learn what to do, how to do it, and more – Not obvious how to be faster, better, and cheaper using virtual worldsCollaborative meeting work in virtual worldCollaborative work in physical worldRadically colocated work in physical worldRecent Virtual World Projects for Science and Technology R&D • Collaborative science meetings and immersive simulations – Meta Institute for Computational Astrophysics • Collaborative science learning and data exploration environment with spherical displays at Discovery Science Center and in OpenSim – Science on a Sphere • Collaborative game world for semiconductor fabrication or nanotechnology design – FabLab training simulator • Game-based virtual worlds for advanced health care – Robotic therapeutics and tele-rehabilitation • Envisioning future virtual worlds for possible cultural experiences and new technological innovation opportunities – Virtual Life 2010+ – Immersive motorsports racing experiences • Low-cost to high-cost virtual world simulators – OutRun UCIVirtual Worlds for Scientific Collaboration: Meta Institute for Computational Astrophysics Spherical displays and “spherecasting” support: NOAA Science on a Sphere installation in Opensim Game-based virtual world for semiconductor/nanotech fabrication training, remote presence and diagnosis FabLab Demo ReelSemiconductor/nanotechology fabrication training game 11Virtual worlds for health care and tele-rehabilitation • Virtual worlds can be used to support various kinds of tele-medicine and tele-robotics applications/tasks • “Rehabilitation” tasks supported can include: – Remote observation, tele-consultation, role-playing and identity switching through avatars, device data collection, device software updates, collaborative product/prototype development, and more 12Assisted performance training and robotic rehabilitation • Wii Sports (best selling game for Nintendo in 2007; 45M copies sold worldwide through 2009) – Boxing – Bowling – Golf – Tennis – Baseball What's next? 13VW haptic interfaces with therapeutic applications • Simulated devices – Guitar Hero guitar; Rock Band drum set • Haptic wheels, trackballs, and joysticks • Force-feedback play controllers (racing game wheels, pneumatic bladders) • Multi-sensor play controllers (including video capture, infra-red, accelerometers, neurological sensors, electro-goniometers (SEMG), etc.) – Wii Remote and nunchuk • Multi-jointed, body-worn sensors as play controllers – Data gloves – GypsyMIDI 14Haptic interfaces with possible therapeutic applications • Endoscopic surgery training “joysticks” – Simball 4D joystick adapted to therapeutic game play for stroke rehabilitation – • 3D, real-time video motion capture enabling mixed reality game play spanning physical and virtual worlds – Project Natal at Microsoft – In-game characters can interact with human players through gestures and body movements – 15Some findings on Games for Health/Therapeutic Applications  The design and utility of a game to realize therapeutic value is not obvious. E. Flores, G. Tobon, et al., Improving Patient Motivation in Game Development for Motor Deficit Rehabilitation, ACM 2008 Intern. Conf. Advances in Computer Entertainment, 381-384. 16Envisioning collaborative virtual worlds 2010-2012 Virtual Life Demo Reel Game-Based Virtual World Simulator Interfaces for immersive motorsports racing experiencesGame-based virtual world simulator you can actually drive in physical world OutRun UCIFuture opportunities for games and virtual worlds • Key challenges to address/overcome scale and scope of: – Immersion – Verisimilitude – Within worlds – Spanning physical-virtual worlds – Co-participation and Collaborative work – Relocatability (telepresence) – Decentralized virtual organization • New research center for Computer Games and Virtual Worlds at UCI – – Funding from National Science Foundation 0808783, Digital Industry Promotion Agency (Daegu, South Korea), and others. – Want to come and play with us?

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