Land and soil resources ppt

land resources ppt slides and land soil and water resources ppt and sustainable use of land resources ppt
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Published Date:30-05-2017
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Land ResourcesLand Solid earth surface that is not permanently covered with water.Land Resources Land Resources can simply be defined as resources available by land. Most Important type of Natural Resources , upon which all human activity based since the origin of human species Ex : - Mountains, grasslands, Forest etc.Soil Soil is the mixture of minerals, Organic matter, Liquids and countless living organisms that supports life on earth. Fertile Soil A fertile soil has abundance in plants nutrients including Nitrogen , Phosphorus and Potassium. Importance of Fertile soil • Fertile soil Ensures plant survival • Fertile soil Ensures our survivalSoil Erosion Washing or blowing away(by wind) top layer of soil.Causes of soil erosionRainFarmingSlope of LandLack of vegetation • Overgrazing • Deforestation • Urbanization • NaturalWindEffects of soil erosion • Loss of soil fertility • Clogging and water pollutionSoil Conservation It involves ways to reduce soil erosion and restoring fertility of the soil.Crop Rotation Different crops on different times on same land.Reforestation Growing trees on land which have lost their vegetation.Terrace Farming very helpful in hilly region.Wind Breakers Trees are planted in wind direction to protect against high velocity winds.Organic Fertilizers Increases soil fertility.Increasing Knowledge Educating More and more people.