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paypal ppt presentation and how does paypal system work and how does the paypal system work
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Published Date:09-03-2017
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Paypal Paypal Introduction • Paypal is a global e-commerce business allowing payments & money transfer to be made through the internet. • Head quarter in 2211 North First Street, San Jose, California, United States 95131 • Area served - Worldwide • Founders Max Levchin, Peter Thiel, Luke Nosek, Ken Howery, Elon Musk • Key people:- - John Donahoe (Chairman) - Dan Schulman (CEO) • Industry - Financial Services • Products - Credit cards, payment systems • Parent - eBay(2002-2014)What is Paypal ? • It is a online money transfer serve as electronic alternatives to paying with traditional paper method, such as cheque & money orders. • Over 180 million people used Paypal. • It has launched in 18 countries, with 26 types of currency. • Paypal is an acquire, a performing payment processing for online vender, auction sites,& other users, for which it charges a fee for receiving money, proportional to the amount received.Paypal Types • Paypal has two type of account. • Individual account: Shop, send and receive overseas payments. All without sharing your financial information. • Business account: Accept credit and debit cards and send invoice to your overseas customers.• For individual account shop, send & overseas payments. All without sharing your financial information. • For business accountHistory • Paypal was established in December 1998 named as confinity. • It was developed & launched as a money transfer service at confinity in 1999, funned by john molloy. • In march 2000 it was merged with (online banking company). • In 2001 it’s renamed paypal to & come in public in 2002. • In july 2002 eBay company acquire paypal. • In 2005 paypal acquire verisign. • In 2007 paypal partnershipped with mastercard. • .Continued… • In january 2008 paypal acquired fraud science. • 2010, PayPal had over 100 million active user accounts in 190 markets through 25 different currencies. • In 2011 paypal moved on business offline. • In August 2012 it partnershipped with discover card. • In 2013 paypal acquired ironpearl. • paypal was spinned-off on July 18, 2015. • In september 1,2015 it launched, it was launched in 18 countries. • in june 2016 paypal had joined the fortune 500.Why millions of people love Paypal ? • Check out easily with just an email & password. • Create shopping at over 10 million stores across more than 200 markets. • All financial detail are kept secured and never shared. • Buyer protection gives full refunds on eligible purchases. • Continue earning cards reward when you shop. • No fees when shopping, unless there’s a currency conversion. • Refund returns service helps cover up to 15 USD in return shipping cost. • 24/7 security guards every transaction.How to create Paypal Account ? Firstly sign up for free With just an email address & password. Link your credit & debit cards make sure it’s activated for online overseas payments. Choose Paypal at checkout log into your account and confirm your payment.How to send money ? • Send money to anyone for any service, all should have their email address. For sign up & start sending payments. • Steps Enter the receipt’s email address. Enter the amount and send your payment more securely. Track your account activity in a single location.Shop online ?? • Shop around the world, just look for paypal button. • Sign up in online shop & click on individual button. • Simply checkout the million of online stores with just an email & password, there is no need to enter your card details every time to pay.Secure or not ? • It is completely safe & secure for online user through paypal without exposing user’s personal financial information. • User can control all his payments. • Every transaction is protected by advanced encryption & 24 hours fraud monitoring.How can you link your business with paypal ?How to started Business with Paypal ? • Getting started business with paypal Its quick & easy to start with paypal Signup for your free paypal business account & confirm your email address. provide information to your business. Select a payment solution to suit your business, & starting get paid.Different Payment Solution of Business • There are different payment solution that suits your business in which select one or more payment solution for your business. • Use your partner ecommerce solutions. • Add paypal to your website. • Use paypal on your marketplace. • Use paypal for your freelance work. • Bill via email and online invoice.Note for Business • If anyone wants to start an online store, paypal comes pre-integrated with popular ecommerce platform to help you get set up. with, (website payment solution). • If anyone would like to get up & running quickly without having to set up a website, then he should start using paypal straightway on marketplaces such as eBay, (Get paid on marketplace). • if anyone don’t have registered business name, then he/she have to select individual accountWays to Get Paid For Business • Accept more type of payment like that credit and debit cards, bank & paypal balance-easily and more securely from your international customers, so that there are 3 simple ways to get paid like.. • On your website • Via email or online invoicing • On a marketplace Benefits with Paypal Business Account • Easy to set up • Safer & protected • Preferred by customers. • PCI-compliant solutions. • Accept more payment types. • Easy access to funds. • Truly global. • Simple pricing.For seller • For seller anyone can sell their goods through online with maximum sales having minimum risk & secure with more security. • If someone start business of software, education, consultancy & other services all are protected with our seller protection policy. • Seller can sell more as Paypal keep seller protected from fraud. • Still if any fraudulent claim is happen, then simply send a proof that the order was sent, and team of paypal will ascertain and refund the eligible amount.• Accept 26 currencies and major payment type including paypal, visa, mastercard, AMEX, Citibank, Discover, unionpay. • Customize your invoice or choose an existing templates. • Track and manage payments and send reminders. • Send an invoice to multiple recipients at the same time. • Accept partial payments- great for deposits or installments. • Business analytics and reporting. • Seller protection for goods and services • 24/7 fraud prevent and PCI- compliant.