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Published Date:17-03-2017
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9 Habits of Athletes That An Entrepreneur Should Steal…• There is no question that athletes at the Olympic level take their habits and routines very seriously. We all are runner in real life, we as well as entrepreneurs can steal good habits from athletes.• As we know Athletic Plays a role in Olympic success but habits play an even bigger role. That’s why “Habits are helpful in success”9 Habits are Discussed that an Entrepreneurs can Learn….Wake up EarlyStart by waking up earlier, push yourself and force the uncomfortable things into your life. Because “Success starts early in the morning”Know The Day before The Tay• Focus on The Nutrients• For ultimate success, you have to maintain your body. This can happen by fueling your body with foods. A nutrient-rich breakfast can fulfill this need.• You may not be playing soccer in front of millions of people, but there are still goals you may want to achieve, such as showing a great willingness towards your goal.Possess Self-confidence• Avoid crossing the fine line between confidence and arrogance, and believe in yourself and the work you are doing.Keep a Record of Your SuccessKeep track of your accomplishments, career goals— wins, misses, setbacks and achievements. Take feedback of everything you got in your last performance.• Throw Away the Feelings • Do according to your needs, not according to yours feelings because feelings will always want you to do what is easy or comfortable but success requires the opposite.Take Up The Challenges• Many people make a habit of starting over- chasing the new and shiny things. Make a habit of pushing through instead of quitting.