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computer and internet security ppt and internet monetary payment and security requirements ppt
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Published Date:09-03-2017
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TIPS ON INTERNET SECURITYInternet is a vast wilderness, an infinite world of opportunityInternet security extends the concept to systems that are connected to internet Browsing Internet Electronic commerce Social networking emailingCreate strong Password and keep them Private Look devices, company routers and online accounts with strong passwords or PINS Don’t be in a Rush Technology is awesome but over reliance on technology is a surefirce recipe for disasterProtect Company Data and Financial Assets Don’t put confidential information in email or text message, they may not be securedDefend your Computer • Keep all software current with automatic updating • Never turn off your firewallAdd on layers of Security VPN(virtual private network) secures one’s home or business network to allow traffic only from verified devicesMobile devices are open gates to our Privacy Be very careful what apps you choose to install and pay attention to what permission each app is requestingNever use the same password twiceIntegrate Security into your Development Lifecycle •By ensuring security is baked into development process, company can dramatically move the needle to help ensure the security of their devicesInstall an Antivirus Solution Make sure you download antivirus software from vendors that you trust and never run more than one AV tools on your Pc at same timeStop the Negligence Education and training around policies and protocols for security is imperative to avoid negligent behaviorsFind us at