Inspirational stories for students ppt

Questions motivate you to think and step back about purpose and need for change. and achievement motivation training ppt and inspirational message for students ppt
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Published Date:08-03-2017
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QUESTIONS ABOUT YOU SHOULD ASKWHY? AND WHY NOT?It motivates you to think and step back about purpose and need for change. Why not is basically used to make asuggestion or toexpress agreement. Examples: Why would you want a record of this? Why should we expect that to change? Why not use my car? You'll fit more in Why didn't you come to us before?" he asked.WHAT IF? AND WHAT IF NOT?They help us in finding the solutions of a problem which are best and which are not. They also help in the decisionmakingprocess. Examples: What if the bus is late? What if you don't pass your exams? What if I did not eat the food? What if I did not run this project?WHAT ELSE?It inspires us to change our view immediately. It helps us to focus on possiblealternatives. Examples: What else is new? What else happened? What else can we do? What else do you need?HOW?It is used to ask about the condition or quality of something. It is used to ask in what way or mannertheparticular work isdone. Examples: How are you feeling this morning? How was your flight? How does this machine work? How are you?WHO? WHEN? AND BY WHEN?To ensure execution of our concepts and ideas, weneed toraise these three questions. Examples: Who made the birthday cake? I eat ice cream when I am on holiday. You're going to finish it by when?

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