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j2ee design patterns ppt and j2ee multi tier architecture ppt and j2ee technologies ppt
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™ Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) Bruno Souza Java Technologist, Sun Microsystems, Inc. J1-680, Hapner/Shannon 1Contents • The Java™ 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) • J2EE Environment • APM and key APM questions Application Scenarios and the • Sample Application • Deployment and Security • Resources 2 J1-677, KassemA Short History of Java Enterprise Technology 3 J1-680, Hapner/Shannon™ The Java Platform Where Have We Been? Where Are We Going? Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 JDK “All • JDK All • • JDK “All • Micro • JDK All • Micro Things to the Things to the Things to Edition Things to Edition Enterprise” Enterprise” Everyone Everyone • Standard • Standard Early • Early • Edition Edition Development Development • Enterprise • Enterprise of Consumer of Consumer Ed Edit itio ion n Java Java • Early • Early Development Development of “Enterprise” of “Enterprise” APIs” APIs” 4 J1-680, Hapner/ShannonJava 2 Platforms Java Technology Java Technology Enabled Devices Workgroup Enabled Desktop High-End Server Server 5 J1-680, Hapner/Shannon™ Why another Java 2 Platform? 6 J1-680, Hapner/ShannonThe Global Enterprise D D D D D D ERP Systems EIS Tier ERP Systems DBMSs DBMSs Enterprise Middle-Tiers Enterprise Services Services Clients Device Device 7 J1-680, Hapner/ShannonEnterprise Services Require • Concurrency • Scalability (multi user) • Administration • Consistency • EIS Integration (Transactions) • Distribution • Security • Availability 8 J1-680, Hapner/Shannon™ The Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition • Develop – With the J2EE App Model • Deploy – With the J2EE App unit • Run – On the J2EE Platform 9 J1-680, Hapner/ShannonJ2EE Platform 10 J1-680, Hapner/ShannonWhat is the purpose of J2EE Containers? 11 J1-680, Hapner/ShannonJ2EE Platform Applet Container Web Container EJB Container Applet Container Web Container EJB Container HTTP/ HTTP/ Applet Applet Servlet Servlet JSP JSP RMI EJB RMI EJB HTTPS HTTPS J2SE J2SE JavaMail JavaMail App Client App Client JAF JAF Container Container App App HTT HTTP/ P/ J2SE Client HTTPS Client HTTPS RMI RMI J2SE J2SE Database Database 12 J1-680, Hapner/Shannon JNDI JMS RMI/IIOP JDBC JNDI JMS JTA RMI/IIOP JDBC JNDI JMS JTA RMI/IIOP JDBCContainers and Components • The container is the car • The component is the driver • The container is the platform The component is your application • 13 J1-680, Hapner/ShannonJ2EE Containers • Containers do their work invisibly – No complicated APIs – They control by interposition • Containers implement J2EE – Look the same to components – Have great freedom to innovate 14 J1-680, Hapner/ShannonJ2EE Containers Handle • Concurrency • Scalability (multi user) • Administration • Consistency • Integration (Transactions) • Distribution • Security • Availability 15 J1-680, Hapner/ShannonJ2EE Components Handle • Presentation • Business logic • Data access 16 J1-680, Hapner/ShannonContainer Perspectives • To a J2EE vendor – It is their product • To a component developer – It is a standard app model • To an app assembler – It is a standard app package To an executing component • – It is god 17 J1-680, Hapner/ShannonWhy Does J2EE Focus on Deployment? 18 J1-680, Hapner/ShannonApplication Packaging EJB EJB EJB EJB 1 1 Mo Module dule EJB EJB APP APP 1 1 DD DD DD DD DD DD EJB EJB Web Client Web Client 2 2 WEB WEB Module Module Deployment Deployment 2 2 Tool Tool DD DD DD DD WEB WEB Application Application 3 3 Client Module Client Module 3 3 DD DD DD DD 19 J1-680, Hapner/ShannonApplication Life Cycle Creation Assembly Deployment Assembled Assembled Created by Created by J2EE Modules J2EE APP and Augmented Processed and Augmented Processed Component Component by Application by Application by Deployer by Deployer Developer Developer Assembler Assembler Deploy J2EE Container J2EE Container Enterprise Enterprise Components Components 20 J1-680, Hapner/Shannon

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