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Published Date:15-03-2017
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ADVERTISING 7 MISTAKESWHAT ARE MARKETERS ? A person whose duties include the identification of the goods and services desired by a set of consumers, as well as the marketing of those goods and services on behalf of a company. But .. “Advertising” can be a dirty word, but adverts evoke creativity and humorBLUNDERS ARE ? Sometimes people overload the ad perceive just too much advertising. This advertising’s constant interruptions cause significant frustration in people.What do people actually complain about? And How do we avoid making them?Continued.. • There is plenty of ideas for improvement in advertising. • Analyze millions of tweets to identify the good and the bad. • Exploring the negative comments reveals opportunities to learn & grow.What Survey Says? According to survey we often find, people are indifferent and negative towards… “ADVERTISING”, but can instantly name an “ad” they love.Continued… We researched millions of organic conversations on twitter over 1 year There were around 3 million favorable tweets 60% about ads in the survey period. There were around 2 40% million negative tweets about ads in the survey period.SOURCES OF FRUSTRATION TV: Television adverts triggered the greatest number of negative comments and complaints ONLINE RADIO NEWS Advertising on social Radio advertising PAPERS networks and music triggered enough News paper triggered streaming services complaints to rank ranked second in terms fourth in terms of enough complaints to of complaint volumes overall volume rank third in terms of overall volumeMARKETING MISDEED •Poor Targeting •Deceptive Claims •Marketing Saturation •Constant Interruption •Poor quality Creative •Excessive Repetition •Insensitivity & SelfishnessPOOR TARGETING • Some advertisers still struggle with empathy and appropriate targeting. • Timing is key; get the moment wrong and you’ll do more harm than good.DECEPTIVE CLAIMS Negative comments arise when claims don’t match the product expertise. People also express frustration with storylines that don’t relate to real life.MARKETING SATURATION Ad overload: People perceive, there is just too much advertising This has resulted in frustration with Advertising in general.CONSTANT INTERRUPTION • Advertising’s constant interruptions cause significant frustration. • The frequency and duration of advertisements frustrate people too. • This applies to all media, not just broadcast entertainment.POOR QUALITY CREATIVE • Poor quality advertising makes these interruptions even more frustrating • Bad use of music and audio is the particular source of irritationEXCESSIVE REPETITION Repetition is one of the most frequent triggers of complaint and frustration.INSENSITIVITY & SELFISHNESS Adverts that don’t reflect society’s concern trigger frequent negativity. Public service announcements don’t work in the audience switches off.WHAT SHOULD BE DONE TO OVERCOME THESE NEGATIVE COMMENTS? ADVERTISE SELECTIVELY Quality beats quantity; aim for fewer, bigger, better activities. ADD VALUE, NOT VOLUME Only advertise when you have something meaningful to add to the audience’s life.BAD MEDIUM, BAD MESSAGE Just because you can advertise anywhere doesn’t mean you should. PERSUASION NOT INVASION Avoid ad formats and technology with a disruptive ‘user experience’. AVOID BRAND EGOCENTRISM Understand what the audience wants, not just what the brand wants.MAKE SOUND CHOICES Take extra care when selecting areas of subjective taste such as music RESEARCH BEFORE REACH Use every tool available to inform your understanding of your audience RIGHT PLACE, RIGHT TIME Aim for moments with meaning rather than simply aiming for mass reachSET REALISTIC EXPECTATION Don’t overpromise in your ad claims if your product is not delivered on time. INVEST WHERE IT MATTERS If your product does not deliver your brand promise, fix it before advertising.