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Published Date:08-07-2017
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Company Presentation August, 2015 Milena Hæggström, Head of Investor RelationsContents ° Business and strategy ° Market overview ° Financials ° AppendixBusiness and strategyCaverion in brief Revenue by country in 2014 Key figures in 2014 Caverion designs, Revenue builds, operates and Sweden 25% maintains 2,407 Finland 22% user-friendly and EUR million Norway 19% energy-efficient Germany 21% solutions for buildings, Order backlog Austria 6% infrastructure and 1,324 Denmark 5% industrial plants. EUR million Other countries 3% EBITDA Personnel by country in 2014 EBIT EBIT 67.5 Sweden 23% EUR million Finland 28% (2.8% of revenue) 61 61 Norway 16% EUR million EUR million Operating cash flow before Germany 14% financial and tax items Austria 4% 2.2% 2.2% 113.5 Denmark 6% of revenue of revenue EUR million Other countries 9% Revenue based on the Group company location Caverion 4 Company Presentation August 2015Megatrends in the market support our long-term strategy Increasing Improving energy Growing Fragmented technology efficiency digitalisation market Technology in buildings Tightening legislation A lot of small companies All technologies in currently account for in the market relating to energy efficiency buildings have an IP 40−60% of building costs address. In 2020, all new buildings Extensive services a Integrated technologies are required to be on a competitive advantage passive house level (almost require multi-discipline Demand for remote especially in large self-sufficient energy-wise) expertise monitoring is increasing. projects Increasing demand for Maintenance is 10,000 buildings currently increasingly based on energy-efficient solutions Growth potential under Caverion’s remote preventive measures as especially in German- also for existing buildings control. well as on actual needs speaking areas and conditions. Caverion 5Life cycle view is included in everything we do ° We understand the Energy complexity of building technologies and Maintenance industrial processes. Investment Managed Operations ° We have technical and Technical Managed The life cycle model decreases the management skills in all Maintenance Life Cycle costs related to the property and disciplines throughout related processes the life cycle. Project Execution Client benefits ° We manage the life cycle Project Advisory - from individual Management Services o Functionality and safety technologies to Design & advanced total solutions o Sustainability Engineering - and decrease the costs o Energy and cost efficiency related to the property. o Process efficiency Caverion 6 Company Presentation August 2015We are a leading European Vision provider of advanced and sustainable life cycle solutions for buildings and industries. We design, build, operate and maintain user-friendly and energy-efficient solutions for buildings, infrastructure and industrial plants. Mission Financial Profitability Average annual Negative Targets (EBITDA) over 6% of revenue growth 10% working capital 2016 revenue Increasing Strong Innovative profits growth and advanced solutions Strategic focus areas Strong Excellent Operational company leadership excellence image Step ahead + Cooperation + Responsibility + High performance Values CaverionClear implementation plan to reach 2016 targets Operational Strong company Enables profitable Market Offer excellence image growth ° Advisory Services ° Design & Engineering Services ° Project Management ° Project Execution ° Technical Maintenance ° Managed Operations ° Managed Life Cycle Excellent Leadership Caverion 8 Company Presentation August 2015Delivering on growth and profitability 04 Reach Operational excellence – Most efficient service company 03 Create Innovative and Innovative and advanced solutions advanced – Strong own solutions 02 Build concepts and – Developing capabilities in business mix both projects and Operational services excellence Strong growth – Developing internal – Back on track 01 Fix Strong company processes and image harmonization Increasing profits – Demerger and Excellent leadership restructuring – Lean organization and winning team Caverion 9 Company Presentation August 2015Our integrated offering for life cycle solutions Design & Project Advisory Project Technical Managed Managed Engineering Manage- Services Execution Maintenance Operations Life Cycle Services ment Public Commercial view for Industry each service Value proposition area Real estate for each client owners and segment developers Real estate users General contractors Disciplines Caverion 10 Company Presentation August 2015Delivering on growth and profitability improvement 1. Megatrends 2. Our 3. Clear in the market competitive implementation support our long- edge is built on plan to reach term strategy life cycle 2016 targets solutions Caverion 11 Company Presentation August 2015Market overviewWe have strong growth potential in the fragmented market Main competitors by country Strong market position in all Finland key operating o Are, Royal Imtech, Consti countries Sweden o Bravida, Royal Imtech, Midroc Electro AB Norway o Gunnar Karlsen, Bravida, Oras Denmark o Kemp & Lauritzen, Wicotec Kirkebjerk, Bravida Germany o Bilfinger Facility Services, Royal Imtech, Revenue Strabag PFS Austria by business area o Ortner, EQOS Energie, Cofely Industry Service o Maintpartner, BIS Production Partner and maintenance (Bilfinger Industrial Services), Empower 54% Projects 46% Caverion 13 Company Presentation August 2015Market outlook for Caverion’s business in 2015 Technical installation Large projects Managed services o o and maintenance Large tenders for buildings Need for new services and the and industry expected to demand for life cycle solutions o Expected to be stable. increase during the year. are expected to increase. o Requirements for increased o o Low interest rates and Customers’ focus on their core energy efficiency and better availability of financing are operations opens opportunities indoor conditions and expected to support in outsourced operation and tightening environmental investments. maintenance mainly for public legislation support positive o authorities, industries and Demand for design & build of market development. utilities. total technical solutions is expected to develop favourably. Overall changes in the operating environment due to growing uncertainty over the general macroeconomic development and mounting geopolitical tensions may lead to some expected cautiousness in project start-ups and service demand. Caverion 14 Company Presentation August 2015FinancialsTargeting average annual growth in revenue of 10% by the end of 2016 ° Revenue was EUR 1,201.5 Group revenue million in January−June, an EUR million increase of 2 percent compared 1−12/13: 2,5441−12/14: 2,407 to the previous year. 1-6/12: X,XXX 688 ° Revenue increased in all 660 653 638 608 595 591 588 countries apart from Norway. 567 563 ° In Norway the full effect of the exit of one large technical installation and maintenance and IT services contract is now fully visible. Revenue breakdown by country Revenue by business area 1−6/2015 EUR million Service and (5%) (1%) (5%) (-11%) maintenance 307 292 54% 257 258 245 242 230 217 (16%) (15%) (1−6/2014: 54%) (11%) 72 60 64 70 32 36 Projects Sweden Finland Germany Norway Austria Denmark Other 46% (46%) countries 1−6/141−6/15 Caverion 16 Company Presentation August 2015Service and maintenance: activity level remained stable o The technical installation and Service and Service and maintenance revenue maintenance market was maintenance stable overall. revenue, EUR million o Successful in Industrial % of total Group Solutions in executing revenue seasonal shutdowns. 1−12/13:1−12/14: o General interest in managed 1,409 (55%) 1,297 (54%) services and life cycle solutions continued to 386 increase. 363 350 340 340 323 320 319 311 305 56% 56% 56% 55% 55% 54% 54% 54% 53% 53% Caverion 17 Company Presentation August 2015Several multi-million projects announced in Q2 ° Finland: Project market is improving Project business slowly and Caverion has been revenue, Project business revenue active and able to secure some EUR million large new deals, especially in Industrial solutions. % of total Group revenue ° Norway: Lower activity related to the oil industry. 1−12/14: 1−12/13: ° Germany, Austria and Sweden: 1,110 (46%) 1,134 (45%) Demand remained favourable in a stable market environment. ° Denmark and Eastern Europe: Good development with new 310 302 298 290 clients. 274 268 268 270 262 253 47% 47% 46% 46% 46% 45% 44% 45% 44% 44% Caverion 18 Company Presentation August 2015Stable order backlog development in Q2 ° Order backlog grew by 3% Order backlog compared to the previous year EUR million and remained on a par with the previous quarter. Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 +3% +4% 1 393 1 392 1 350 1 335 3/12 3/13 3/14 3/15 6/12 6/13 6/14 6/15 9/12 9/13 9/14 12/1212/1312/14 Caverion 19 Company Presentation August 2015Profitability on track to reach financial target EBITDA, EUR million EBITDA margin, % o EBITDA for Q2 amounted to EUR 22.0 million, up from the previous 1−12/13: 70.9 (2.8%)1−12/14: 67.5 (2.8%) year. 34,3 25,3 o The improved performance in the 23,3 22,0 21,5 5,2 second quarter compared to last 3,9 3,7 year, is largely explained by the 3,4 3,8 14,2 12,9 write downs connected to the 9,4 9,6 project portfolio reviews done in 2,5 2,1 2,0 2014. 1,5 1,6 0,4 o The performance during the rest of the year is considered to be more in line with last year. EBITDA, EUR million (rolling 12m) 92,0 72,1 70,9 71,1 67,5 60,3 58,5 10−12/131−3/144−6/147−9/14 10−12/141−3/154−6/15 Caverion 20 Company Presentation August 2015

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