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How How to to Sell Sell Digital Digital Signage Signage Step-by-Step Sales Techniques for Intel Technology Providers March 2013 INTEL - CONFIDENTIAL, FOR INTERNAL USE ONLYDigital Signage: A Rapidly Growing Market 2015 22 million displays Today 2 million+ networked out-of-home displays Double Double-digit digit annual annual growth growth 7 billion in annual revenues INTEL - CONFIDENTIAL, FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY 2 2Digital Signage: Applications Are Growing Digital advertising Wayfinding kiosks Check-in & search Gesture windows Shelf media Touch/gesture walls Smart workforce Interactive tables Check-out Big media INTEL - CONFIDENTIAL, FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY 3Resistance to Buying Even Even in in a a g growing rowing market market — every every s sale ale c can an be be a a c challenge hallenge He resists change: change: His company “Our current is in flux and signs and struggling to posters work figure out its jjust fine.” next next s step tep. He He thinks thinks He’s NOT they are just in IT—and displays for does NOT showing ads. want IT He’s done He’s in IT involved. a lot of and not homework: happy about another “I know what project. I want.” INTEL - CONFIDENTIAL, FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY 4Making the Sale / What’s Required 1. Knowledge Big retailers use digital signs in their stores. So do small businesses, schools, colleges, hotels, restaurants, sports/entertainment complexes and more. Get to know specific markets—the llanguage andd hht ot bbt utttons—iid n order tto sellll effffectitivelyl . 2. Education Digg gital signag ge is familiar to most p peop ple, but not well understood. The technolog gyy is evolving g (displays, media players, software) and so are the form factors: traditional signs, touch screens, kiosks, embedded signs, menu boards, etc. Be prepared to educate your prospects and explain all the different possibilities for using it. 3. WIFM You may be selling to the owner of a company, the head of sales/marketing, the CFO—or one person who does all three. IT may or may not be involved. A decision maker may have an A/V background. Be prepared to tailor your sales presentation to different hot buttons. 4. ROI Digital signage is not just about flashy graphics and bells & whistles. It’s a significant investment that offers proven ways to increase sales, enhance customer experiences, turn inventory faster and much more. Talking technology alone won’t get you far—be prepared to talk value and bottom bottom line line iimpact mpact. INTEL - CONFIDENTIAL, FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY 5Choose Your Markets Retail is still the biggest, but other markets are large enough to deliver big potential and opportunities to specil ialiize. SOURCE: Northern Sky Research INTEL - CONFIDENTIAL, FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY 6Know the Industry Hot Buttons Match Match c capabilities apabilities tto o s specific pecific industry industry needs needs Medical Retail •Patient experience •Shopper experience, ambience •Medical advice •Promote sales/merchandize effectively •Ambience: Entertain while waiting •Up, psell, cross sell •Ad revenue •Drive inventory turn: Overstocks/Out of Stocks •HOSPITALS: Directions / Wayfinding Emergency •Personalize the Customer Experience Alerts Paging Security •Bring “online experience” into the store; Enhance Sales Floor /‘Bricks & Mortar’ Education T Tr ransportation ansportation Centers Centers •St Stud dentt experiience •Campus Schedules/Event Information •Traveler updates/scheduling •Directions / Wayfinding •Weather/news •Weather/ News •Simplify directions/ wayfinding •Security Paging Emergency Alerts •Ambience: Entertain while waiting / queuing •Security monitoring, Emergency Alerts •Advertising Banking / Financial •Client experience Hospitality •Promote offers, branding •Ambience/Queuing •Enhance Guest Reception/Guest Experience •Updates on meetings, events, local activities Ct Corporate •Simplify directions / wayfinding •Drive traffic to facilities (spa, restaurants) •Tenant experience •Weather/ News (Elevator/Welcome Boards) •News/weather •Menu Boards •Ad revenue •Ad revenue •Menu Boards (Cafeteria) •Security •Emergency Emergency Alerts Alerts INTEL - CONFIDENTIAL, FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY 7Understand the Different Applications Different Different companies companies will will use use tthe he same same technology technology in in different different ways ways Classic Interactive Digital Mobile Interaction Kiosks Digital Signage Signage Menu Boards Way Finding Guest Welcome Office Welcome INTEL - CONFIDENTIAL, FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY 8Be Prepared to Talk Value Replace Posters Sales Promotion Ambience Branding Customer Support •Streamline •More promotions based •Enhance customer •Continuous support for •Enhance service by communications on, seasons, experience brand via sign providing more ways to demographics, placement, content and learn, engage and •Lower costs •Support sales invent invento or ry y, price price interaction interaction interact interact •Respond faster to •Entertain while queuing changes, etc. •Support live changing markets sales/support Personalizing g Targe Targeted ted Promotions Promotions Advertising Advertising Produ Product ct D Demonstra emonstrations tions Direction Directions s // W Wayfinding ayfinding Experiences •Drive sales of •Earn additional revenue •Use interaction and •Use education /demos •Simplify the customer rd overstocks, upsell by carrying 3 party analytics to target to drive sales, enhance experience customers with related ads information and offers support and service •Drive traffic to increase products that enhance the sales experience, build •Link signs to •Opportunity for loyalty loyalty invent invento or ry/PO y/POS S iit nteract tiion andd ad ds Customer Employee Monitor Operations Security Emergency Alerts Demographics Communications •Kt Know pattterns bby age, •GGt et accuratte countts, •IIt nstantltly kknow ifif actitivitity •Ut Use strattegiicalllly •Ui Use sign nettwork k ffor gender, time monitor traffic flow, is taking place “off placed displays for internal updates, behavior in key limits” alerting training, security alerts, •Use info for sales, locations etc. operations, traffic flow •See patters of illicit •Enhance safety, behavior—i.e., shelf comply with regulations sweeping INTEL - CONFIDENTIAL, FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY 9Put It All Together Retail Transport Hospitality Medical Education Banking Buildings Religion Signs Signs Signs TV Signs Signs Signs Signs Kiosks Schedule Schedule/Menu Signs Schedule /Menu Kiosks Elevator Signs Schedule Boards Boards Boards Boards POS Kiosks Kiosks Kiosks Kiosks Kiosks Elevators Elevator Signs Elevator Signs Promote Schedules Welcome Information Schedules Promote/ Paging Information Merchandize (Sermons/Hymns) Merchandize Directions/ Meeting Info Ads Information Emergency Alerts Ambience Paging Analyze Wayfinding Directions / Directions / Directions / Menu Boards Wayfinding Wayfinding Wayfinding Queuing Emergency Personalize Ambience (Cafeteria) Weath Weathe er r// News News Ambience Ambience Weath Weathe er r// Analyze Analyze Alerts Alerts Lb Labelliing Et Enterttaiin WWt eathher// Ads Emergency News Branding Demos Queuing News Security Alerts Emergency Security Branding Weather/ Emergency Paging Alerts Weather/ Training News Alerts Security Paging News Security Security Ads Sec Secu urity rity Emerge Emergen nc cy y Ads Ads Emerge Emergen nc cy y A Alerts lerts Promote Alerts Visual Paging Ads Ads Emergency Alerts INTEL - CONFIDENTIAL, FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY 10  Tailor Your Message to Your Audience Owners Owners Sales Sales Overall support Speed for the business Availability ROI Customizability Reliability Personalization Personalization Scalability Measurement CFO CFO CFO CFO IT IT IT IT Manager Manager Manager Manager Initial Cost Performance Ongoing Costs Reliability Savings Integration Revenue potential Upgradeability Overall ROI Easy to administer INTEL - CONFIDENTIAL, FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY 11555555555 555 Be Prepared to Be Judged on the Following Overall cost of the system Cost of management and maintenance Hidden costs Overall projected value (Revenue, Lower Costs) Manufacturer Manufacturer brand/reputation brand/reputation Reseller reputation Longevity/Scalability Reliability Integrate with existing IT solutions What at d dis srupt uptio on will t the e insta stallat atio on c cause ause How easy is it to train our staff to use the system INTEL - CONFIDENTIAL, FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY 12…………………… …………………… ………………… Your Sales Presentation Needs to Address… Whatever Whatever solution solution you you a are re presenting presenting m must ust b be e linked linked tto o w what hat you you have have learned about the business objectives and issues. Business Business Objectives Objectives Business Business Issues Issues Business Business V Va alue lue More sales High cost of marketing Enhanced Customer Experience More customers Getting g “mindshare” of customers More brand/marketing More sales per customer exposure at lower cost Standing apart from More sales per location competition More opportunities for personalized messaging More higher margin sales T Ta ailor ilor messages messages to to demographics More sales, more sales per Lower operating costs customer/location Lack of brand differentiation More productivity from Fewer inventory write-offs sales/support associates Fast moving product cycles/inventory cycles/inventory turn turn More More demonstrated demonstrated instances of cross-selling Products are poorly understood Lower rates of shoplifting, security issues INTEL - CONFIDENTIAL, FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY 13   Positioning Digital Signage Solutions Basic Basic Mainstream Mainstream High Demand High Demand Starter Solution: Keep Growing: Competitive Edge: Plug & play package: Single player/multiple Multiple players, multiple Single player/ screen screens displays (i.e., video wall) Content: still images, video; Content: HD video blended Content: Extensive no real-time Video/Web with real time feeds blending with real time feeds feeds Touchscreen input/mobile No audience analytics. device integration Touchscreens, mobile, gesture gesture No in-house technical Audience analytics support needed Proven reliability/ Options to expand proven performance Options to grow—when the time is right Investment protection TYPICAL TYPICAL PLA PLATFORM: TFORM: TYPICAL TYPICAL PLA PLATFORM: TFORM: TYPICAL TYPICAL PLA PLATFORM: TFORM: ® ® ® ® ® ® ® ® Intel Intel Core i3 Core i3 or Intel or Intel Atom Atom Intel Intel Core i5 Core i5 Intel Intel Core i7 Core i7 INTEL - CONFIDENTIAL, FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY 14Evaluating a Sales Opportunity Here are some of the key questions you can use to “scope out” a potential opportunity in digital signage. It’s important to start with a “big picture” approach. There will be plenty of time later to get further into the details of hardware and software selection. 1. What is the basic size and scope of the 5. What are your objectives? 8. How you are going to manage your 11. (Cont.) digital signage solution you have in content?  Drive sales  Content gets triggered by the mind?  Locally  Centrally age/gender of the viewer  Enhance brand awareness  Number of locations  Centrally with a provision for limited  Other forms of interactivity:  Educate and inform  NNb umber off screens//didispllay d deviices per ll localiizattiion ______________________ _______________________________  Create a more sophisticated customer location experience  Identify other factors that will dictate the 9. What screens are right for you? 12. How do you plan to measure the  Internal communications size and scope of your solution: performance and ROI of your digital  Floor-standing, poster-like stands  Monetize your displays signage solution?  Monitors hanging from the ceiling 2. What is your timeline for implementing  Audience demographics gathered  A video wall 6.What kind of content do you intend to your solution? in real time show?  Interactive kiosks  3 months  6 months  Awareness and recall survey ys   Slid Slides with ith ttextt and d piicttures   SSb creens embed ddded d iin otthher d deviices, conducted after the fact  One year such as gas pumps or vending  HD video  Sales performance (e.g., sales data  Are there other activities that this is machines  Animated graphics (e.g., Flash graphics) linked to the time when specific contingent upon (e.g., completing  Other options: __________________ content is showing)  Advertisements construction/renovation on other locations):  Social media analytics  3D content (glassless) 10. Where do you intend to place display  Usage analytics  Live feeds such as from network TV or devices/screens? the Web 3. Who are the major decision makers Other ways of measuring performance:  Near entrances/exits w wh ho o w will ill impact impact this this project? project? _______________________________   Information Information d draw rawn n from from internal internal  Check-out/point of sale areas databases (such as a calendar of events,  CEO  CFO  IT menu items, etc.)  Waiting areas CMO Customer Service 13.How do you plan to manage your  Information from external data sources  Aisle end caps digital signage network?  Other decision makers (e.g., line of (such as weather, traffic, local news, etc.)  Out of doors business owners):  Asset management Other:  Other locations:  Software updates  Security 7. How do you plan to create content? 11. What level of interactivityy y are you 4. What is y your intended audience?  Remote reppg air and diagnostics  Use in-house resources looking for?  Customers  Visitors  Other ways of managing your solution:  Hire an agency  No interactivity—a one-way broadcast _______________________________  Employees of information  Acquire ready-made content  Other audiences:  Touch-screen interactivity (single or  Rely on the product manufacturer 14. How many nodes will exist in a full multitouch) digital signage network deployment?  Other content resources:  Touchless interactivity (e.g., gesture- ______________________________  100 based) screens  500   Inter Interactivity activity via via mobile mobile devices devices  Content gets triggered by a scheduled event INTEL - CONFIDENTIAL, FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY 15 Final Thoughts: Paint the Value Picture Your digital signage solution already “exists” in the mind of the buyer (i.e. a sollut tiion t thhatt wiilllllh solve hiis/ /hher prob bllems) ) To win the sale: create a matching vision between your solution and the capabilities it it will will deliver deliver to to solve solve tthose hose p problems roblems Paint a picture of what the customer’s world will be like after making the investment in your solution INTEL - CONFIDENTIAL, FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY 16The Ultimate Decider People People make make emotional emotional buying buying decisions decisions for for logical logical reasons reasons. Emotion: Emotion: The Theyyg yyg g get et Lo Log g g gic: ic: The Theyp yyp y develo develop p excited about excited about their their a rationale to a rationale to explain explain ability to ability to satisfy satisfy the the or justify their or justify their need that need that motivates motivates decision decision the the the the change change c change hange Y Your our job job is is to to provide provide the the llogical ogical basis basis (i.e., (i.e., the the v value) alue) for motivating the change. INTEL - CONFIDENTIAL, FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY 17

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