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facebook vs google plus ppt and google plus social network ppt
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Published Date:01-08-2017
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Google Plus Stephen Whitelaw th October 27 2014. techtourism State of the internet - Asia: 1,016,799,076 (44.8% of internet users worldwide) - Europe: 500,723,686 (22.1%) - North America: 273,067,546 (12.0%) - Latin America / Caribbean: 235,819,740 (10.4%) - Africa: 139,875,242 (6.2%) - Middle East: 77,020,995 (3.4%) - Oceania / Australia: 23,927,457 (1.1%) techtourism Free texting apps … • Imo • Kakao Talk “Cost the telecom industry • WeChat 13B (£8B) in lost sms revenue in 2011” • Pinger • textPlus • WhatsApp techtourism What is Social Media? “…an umbrella term that defines the various activities that integrate technology, social interaction, and the construction of words, pictures, videos, and audio. ” It’s also a fancy way to describe the billions of conversations people are having online 24/7… • Social Media Revolution v4 Video – Eric Qualman techtourism In the last 2 years... – – 350 million users to 1.2 billion active users – 75 million user accounts to 500+ million active users – 50 million users worldwide to 225 million users – 540 million users (... since July 2011 launch) – 70 million users. techtourism Business Benefits If your product or service isn’t right, social media won’t fix it • Improved customer service • Improved repeat business • Improved word of mouth “Social media is like word of mouth on steroids.” techtourism Doing it Yourself • People Assess your customer’s social activities • Objectives Decide what you want to accomplish • Strategy Plan for how relationships with customers will change • Tools Decide which social technologies to use techtourism Developing the Strategy • What do we need to achieve? • Which audiences are important to achieve this? • Where are those audiences online – which platforms are they using? • Do those platforms/ tools fit with the kind of content we have or can create? • Can we sustain what we start? • Integration with wider marketing strategy • Measurement & ROI techtourism Social Media Policy .. Social Media Guidance Internet Postings Policy Blogging Policy Social Media Policy Social Media Handboook Social Media Policy Template Online Communications Guidelines Facebook Comments Policy Online Database of 247 policies - techtourism How ‘not’ to get banned from the top 5 social network … • Pinterest • LinkedIn • Twitter • Google Plus • Facebook techtourism Google’s Mission … They need a social network to achieve this. techtourism Why use Google+ • Over 500 million online (many many business customers) • Helps with your SEO a lot • Communities, Hangouts, Photos • Very easy to use and powerful • Superb privacy/security controls • Perfect for sharing content • Circles are a very powerful tool • Great mobile experience. techtourism techtourism techtourism Gender Breakdown … techtourism Age/Gender Breakdown… techtourism Time on the site … techtourism What does the average Google+ and average Facebook user look like? techtourism Google+ users by income … techtourism Content shared? techtourism

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