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Published Date:17-03-2017
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Top 10 Self-Improvement Strategies5 Questions Ask Yourself Daily • What should I be doing right now? • What do I want to be today? • How can I create my day? • What do I need to know or learn? • How am I getting in my own way today?5 Essential Life Lesson• Fear is illusion. • Anger is not worth it. • Failure is good. • Things gather dust; experiences don’t. • Relationship always come first.5 Revelation From A Personal Coach• You reallydon’t have to tolerate an unacceptable life. • Change is easier when you have support and accountability. • Deep-rooted fears need therapy, not coaching. • Your intuition is more valuable than advice from others. • Action gives you more solid answers than thought.5 Mindfulness Habits• Focus instantly on the task at hand. • Pay attention to those things that you usuallydon’t notice. • Before you sleep, focus on gratitude. • Be fully present with each person. • Simply observe your thoughts without judgment.5 Ways to Tell if Someone is Lying• They have micro-expression that briefly appear. • There is a change in their tone of voice. • They slouch and fidget too much. • They avoid prolonged eye contact. • When telling the real truth, they behave differently.5 Ways to Invite More Beauty into Your Life• Watch the sun rise or sunset. • Turn off the TV and play stirring music instead. • Go outside in the morning to look at the trees, sky and clouds. • Drive the scenic route to work instead of the freeway. • Lie on a blanket on the yard and stare at the stars.5 Unexpected Ways to be Happy• Ignore hurtful people or unpleasant people.Don’t engage with them. • Give priority to fitness and healthy eating. • Stop comparing yourself to others. • Stop ruminating about your problems. • Love the process more than outcomes.5 Mini Habits That Make You Feel Instantly Better• Walk outside, close your eyes and listen to nature. • Make your bed when you get out of it. • Clear your desk before you work. • Tackle your hardest task first, even for just 5 minutes. • Write down one thing you like about yourself everyday.5 Personal Growth Habits• Write about your vision and work toward it daily. • Catch yourself when you try to make excuses. • List all of your assumptions and challenge them. • Read something daily that inspire you every morning. • Throw away unnecessary material from your life5 Ways To Cope With Life Transitions