Big data vs data warehousing

data warehousing and big data analytics and big data warehousing and business intelligence
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Published Date:22-07-2017
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Ghislain Fourny Big Data 13. Data Warehousing fotoreactor / 123RF Stock PhotoAurelio Scetta / 123RF Stock Photo The road to analytics 2Another history of data management (T. Hofmann) 1970s – 2000s Age of Transactions Age of Business Intelligence 1995 - 2000s - Age of Big Data 3Paradigms vs. OLTP OLAP 4OnLine Transaction Processing Consistent and Reliable Record-Keeping 5OnLine Transaction Processing Transactions and results on small portions of data 6OnLine Transaction Processing Lots of transactions on small portions of data 7OnLine Transaction Processing Normalized Data 8OnLine Analytical Processing Data-based Decision Support arturaliev / 123RF Stock Photo 9OLAP is Big Large portions of the data Possibly many joins Few long heavy queries 10OLAP Examples Web analytics Sales analytics Management support Statistical analysis (census) Scientific databases (e.g., bio-informatics) 11OLTP vs. OLAP Historical Summarized Consolidated Data Aurelio Scetta / 123RF Stock Photo vs. Detailed Individual Records OLTP OLAP 12OLTP vs. OLAP vs. Lots of writes Lots of reads OLTP OLAP 13OLTP vs. OLAP vs. Analysis Small sets over big chunks of records OLTP OLAP 14OLTP vs. OLAP fully interactive ( 1s) vs. Slow interactive OLTP OLAP 15OLTP vs. OLAP Redundancy Redundancy Redundancy Consistency OLTP OLAP 16Aurelio Scetta / 123RF Stock Photo OLAP 17A data warehouse ... is a subject-oriented integrated time-variant nonvolatile collection of data in support of management's decision-making process 18Subject-oriented customers sales products events 19Integrated 20

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